DOGTV: Netflix for dogs and their hoomans!

Ever worried about your dog when you leave them home alone?

We’ve been spending almost, if not, 24/7 of our time at home during the pandemic. And guess who got used to having our attention, cuddles, and treats all day as they also acclimated to the ‘new normal’ with us? Our furry best friend! 

As lockdown restrictions ease, we’ll eventually return to the office and school, but here’s how DOGTV can conveniently help ease post-pandemic separation anxiety for your ‘home alone’ dog!

​DOGTV is scientifically designed to soothe your dog’s anxiety. It’s divided into three main categories, each category based on your dog’s daily activity cycle! How convenient!

Relaxation: Relaxes and reduces stress with soothing sounds and visuals.

Stimulation: Stimulates your dog’s senses with moving scenes and objects paired with the right sounds to encourage playfulness.

Exposure: Familiarizes your dog with different day-to-day stimuli such as car horns, bell rings, children giggling, etc., maintaining some structure and routine into their day.

It gets better! DOGTV is not only for dogs but also has educational and entertaining programs for pet parents as well! Now, for the first time ever, you and your four-legged friend(s) can actually enjoy a program that is made especially for you! Together!

Maintain your dog’s mental health during this challenging time with DOGTV. Discover more details and try it for free on or search for the ‘DOGTV’ Channel on YouTube to watch sample videos. Heads up- this may feel strange to a hooman’s eyes and ears, but your dog will binge-watch it! ?

Have a pawtastic day 🐾

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