Why does Pet Socialization matter?

Socialization is important for all social beings out there and that includes your companion animals! Pet socialization is something that all pet parents should strongly consider, especially when you adopt a new puppy or kitten! 🐶🐱

So what is Pet socialization? It is the process of teaching pets to enjoy interacting with other animals, people, places, and activities. Right now, this may be difficult because of social distancing, but keep in mind that pet socialization is necessary for young puppies and kittens. It will prevent your babies from having fears, anxiety, and aggressive behavior. This process will enable your little paw friends to get used to the environment and live confidently and happily without fear or insecurity.

Pet socialization should begin when your pet is in a sensitive period, 3-14 weeks old for puppies and 3-9 weeks old for kittens. It is when they are most open to learning about their surroundings.

Follow these tips to help your pet develop calmness and confidence. 👍

How to SOCIALIZE During a Pandemic

Because of the social distancing policy, socializing your puppies and kittens can be difficult during this time. What you can do is expose them to your surroundings. Let them explore the area of your house. Sniff around in the backyard, look out the window when people walk by, say hi to birds, squirrels, and Mr. Postman!


Schedule a playdate with other pets or take a socializing class with a professional trainer. This way, your little buddy gets a chance to interact with other pet babies in a safe environment. Don’t forget to keep your distance from others! Pet Pawrents’ health is important too.


Give your paw babies different kinds of positive experiences. Let them enjoy learning similarities and differences between animals, humans, objects, and the environment. Combining a variety of elements together is key. Like taking your pet to the beach, for example. They’ll get to see waves crash against the shore and feel the grainy sand beneath their little paws all while socializing with other beings!


Allow your pet to choose whether or not to participate in an activity. Your little friend is supposed to enjoy these positive experiences without being forced to do so. Don’t make your pet do something they don’t want to, because it can cause mental issues that can lead to behavioral issues in the future.


Remember that the pet socialization process comes with precaution! Keep in mind at all times the risk of diseases and injuries. Things like size differences between species or breeds can be harmful. Even little kittens can frighten large breed puppies and vice versa!


Encourage your pet to participate in activities and give them special treats and praises when they do! Also, adjust the portion sizes in the main dishes so that your pet does not consume too many calories when given additional treats!

Since childhood, it is necessary to cultivate a positive attitude, reduce stress, anxiety, and aggressive behavior. Pet socialization may not be as easy as you would like at first, especially in this COVID-19 situation, but practice makes perfect! It is a crucial beginning for your darling pet to learn about the world and live a happy life with you!

If your pet has a behavioral issue or special needs, consult a vet or a pet behavior specialist for a specific socialization plan so that your baby can properly be introduced to a happy world. 🐾

Have a pawtastic day 🐾

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