Fun & Easy Activities for Doggy Date Night!

February is the month of LOVE ❤️, but Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples to enjoy. You can dedicate love to yourself, the people around you, and of course your little paw friends!

Today, February 3, is Doggy Date Night. 🌹 A ‘pawfect’ occasion for you to spare some time after work to spend with your canine friend. Although it’s not an official holiday, you can enjoy these fun and easy activities together!

Take a Walk

If you don’t have much time after work, taking your dog for a walk is the solution! Even if it’s something you do every day, try taking a different route, and your dog will think it’s a new adventure! 🐕🚶‍♀️

Spa Time

If you come home early, a dog spa is a good idea for a date night. Pamper your doggy with soothing products and your gentle hands 👋 or take a spa course at your local pet grooming service. This way your doggy will be relaxed, clean, and smell so good!

Dinner Together

Having dinner with your dog is a must when it comes to date night. You can cook up a special menu for you and your pup or you can just order in something yummy. Setting up a table is optional, but do not give any human food to your paw date. 🍝🍗

Movie Night

Classic date night must include a movie! 🎥🍿 Grab yourself popcorn and some snacks for your dog pal. Pick a favorite film to enjoy together. 🚫 Avoid movies that have a sudden loud noise, jump scares, and any sounds that can terrify your dog. For example, fireworks, gunshots, thunderstorms, and the likes.

Cozy Snuggling

If you’re too tired to do anything after a long day, cozy snuggling with your little friend is enough. Enjoy a heartwarming moment on your bed or couch. Have your pet baby in your arms like a warm furry pillow and fall asleep together. 🤗 Just try not to squeeze too hard and allow your dog to leave if they want to. ❤️

Extra activities after a long day at work may appear effortful. But every day with you is already a first date for your doggy! It’s alright to take a rain check, tell your dog you love them in their language, and complete activities on any day that you are available.

Let’s make the most of the Doggy Date Night and any other night you have with your companion!

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