Truth be told: Cats DO LOVE their humans (Truly!)

Cats have a reputation for being standoffish and aloof to their humans. Although cats can give mixed signals when they show us feelings, their quiet vibe with a glimpse of attachment makes us fall in love. 💗

Hoomans love cats so much that we think they can rule the world. With the amount of love, care, and affection given to these kitties, do you ever stop and think, “Are we being left on read?”

The answer is no. They’ve seen your message and they love you back. You are not just a source of food for them!

People normalized the idea that cats are not so endearing compared to dogs, but the truth is that they love us as much as dogs do!

In a study led by Dr. Kristyn Vitale published in the journal ‘Current Biology’, researchers replicated ‘The Strange Situation’, a test used to observe attachment security in children and caregiver relationships on cats and their ‘pawrents’.

The test has three sections, each lasting two minutes. Testing by having a cat and their parents stay in the same room for two minutes, then isolating the cat from parents for two minutes. At the end reuniting them again to see the result.

This experiment demonstrated cats’ attachment to their parents. Some cats show their security when their parents are present by greeting them before going back to their activities. Meanwhile, insecure cats express anxiety or fear by twitching tails, licking lips, or avoiding their parents when reuniting.

According to the study, approximately 64% of cats are securely attached to their parents, similar to what has been observed in dogs and babies. It means cats love and care for their ‘pawrents’ even if their expressions are not as obvious. So congratulations to all humans out there. It’s time to return their affection!

If you’re not sure whether your cat loves you or not, we hope this study answers your question. Don’t be disappointed if your feline friends do not express as much feelings as you’d like; even humans have different ways of expressing feelings and LOVE!

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