How do pets perceive us, hoomans?

Do dogs think we’re their parents?

Do cats see us as a bigger cat?

What do they really think of us, hoomans?

You love your pet so much that to you, they are your actual baby. They are a part of your family. But, did you ever stop to think how these fur babies of yours perceive you in return? You might already have an answer to this question (one that you’d like to believe), but is it truly accurate? Let’s find out!

How do dogs perceive hoomans?

Let’s start with dogs! Most people see dogs as their own kids. They even refer to themselves as parents. Luckily, that’s quite accurate!

According to an animal cognition study at Emory University, dogs get excited when they smell your scent and immediately relate the scent to the “reward center” in their brains. They feel very happy when they smell their favorite hoomans!

According to a “secure base effect” experiment from the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna, dogs feel secure and confident when their humans are around just like babies are with their caregivers. This child-parent bonding relationship is ‘LOVE’, and yes, your dogs feel that way too.

So, yes! Your dog loves you as a family member. They could see you as a parent, a protector, or a safe haven for sure! 🐶🥰

How do cats perceive hoomans?

Because cats like to do weird “cat things” to humans like rubbing, kneading, or grooming, we might have misunderstood that maybe to them we are another big cat.

Actually, cats have a soft spot for humans just like the ones in children-parent relationships or dog-parent relationships. According to a study led by Dr. Kristyn Vitale, approximately 64% of cats are securely attached to their parents. It means that they love us too. (✊ Yes!)

Even though it’s unclear what humans are to cats, they treat us like we’re their family members. Cats can differentiate humans from cats, but choose to express their feelings to humans by doing “cat things” (Are we surprised though?). For example, when a cat kneads you, it’s the same as a kitten asking for milk from a mommy cat. So you’re their mommy too, congratulations!

Sometimes cats may seem a little distant and they’re pretty great at hiding their feelings. But they do love you, really!

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