LOVE Hormones: Pets = Happiness

In the time of LOVE, what’s the thing that drives us to get out there and find ‘the one’ who makes our hearts beat faster? Some people may say that it’s destiny, yes they might be right, but there are also chemicals in our bodies. The ones that make us go “it cannot wait, I’m yours!”.

Because LOVE does not derive from just one chemical, there are four!

And these are the happy hormones that warm our hearts and make us happy every time we look at the people we love and our pets too! ❤️


Also known as the LOVE Hormone, such a good name! Oxytocin is all about the deep connection in living things. It will be released when you and your loved ones spend time together or simply just gazing into each other’s eyes. It can make you feel connected to each other whether you’re a romantic couple or in a parent-child relationship. Spend more time with your pets! 


Dopamine is a hormone of happiness and pleasure. It will release when you succeed in something. You’ll likely try to repeat that same behavior to feel that pleasure again. It is like being addicted to something. Your dopamine level can increase when playing with your pets too. That’s why we can’t stop rubbing their bellies!


Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that helps reduce blood pressure and lower heart rates. It makes us feel less anxiety and depression. Just petting your paw friends can release this hormone and it makes us feel calmer and be in a better mood!


The name might sound familiar to many people. Endorphins are usually related to exercising or eating spicy food, which can strangely make you feel better. It can reduce physical pain and also lower your heart rate when you are playing with your pets!

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