Celebrities With Their Adorable Paw Friends!

Because life is better when pets are around. It’s not just us normal people that are obsessed with our four legged friends, celebrities do too! Even though celebrities are always in the spotlight, it doesn’t mean they can’t have a simple and happy life with pets!

Let’s get to know some of these celebrities’ little paw friends! 

Hugh Jackman (Dali & Allegra)

Emilia Clarke (Ted)

Zendaya (Noon)

Tom Holland (Tessa)

Amanda Seyfried (Finn)

Gigi Hadid (Cleo Hadid)

Taylor Swift (Meredith Grey, Olivia Benson, Benjamin Button)

Jason Mraz (Holmes)

Karl Lagerfeld (Choupette)

Mark Ruffalo (Felix & Inky)

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