SAY CHEESE! to these fashionable pet photography ideas!

One… Two… Three… Cheeeeese! 📷

Your darling pet baby is now camera ready! You can start looking for cool ideas or picture references so your pet can ‘vogue’ it out everywhere! Of course, you can take easy shots with a plain white wall or on a couch in your living room. But if you want some ‘pawzazz’ (pizazz), let’s try these ideas!

Choose your background!

Shoot on a background that color contrasts your pets’ clothes, or it could also be an interesting combination to match your paw baby’s outfits to the background. Keeping it simple with a black or white background would be super cool as well, that way your pet will really stand out. You might need a little shade and shadow to make it look more natural or it will look like a die-cut on the solid background! (Unless that’s what you’re going for!).

Send me your location… 

Don’t forget to find the right location for your pet’s fabulous outfits! It could be a minimal space somewhere for your pet’s winter collection, a park or the woods for an outdoor activity’s outfit, the beach for some fun in the sun outfits, I’m talking doggie’s sunglasses and aloha shirts! 

Create Bokeh

For all fans of Depth-of-Field! Make appealing shots by setting up some lights and decorations in the background. Position your pets 2-3 meters away from the wall to create a beautiful bokeh! ✨

Close Up

Take a shot of your pet at a narrow-angle to capture more details. Focus on the eyes and facial expressions. If you have some stylish aviator sunglasses, you might get very cool photos too!


Stretch your arm out to capture the moment or find tripods or selfie sticks for extra help! You can join your fur baby in the frame and if you happen to have matching outfits, it’s over for everyone else out there! 

Tips for Pet Photoshoot

🚫 NO FLASH, PLEASE: Camera flash can scare your pet, injure optic nerves, and may cause seizures.
🍗 Treats Bribery: Lure your pet in with their favorite treats! They’ll surely look in the direction you want them to! 
👀 Focus on their eyes: Keep the focus on their eyes because eyes are the windows to the soul! 💖

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