Long week ahead of you? Try using these pet sitters so your fur babies don’t feel left out!

Happy Professional Pet Sitters Week!

Seeking some help during a chaotic week may not be a bad idea! Whether you are working late or need to be somewhere that’s not pet-friendly, try looking at these options for an extra bit of help!

Pet Sitters

If you find yourself caught up in a pile of work, having a last-minute appointment, or going to be away for the next few days, call in a pet sitter for help! There are several service providers that’ll match pet ‘pawrents’ like you to a pet sitter. You might want to try www.petbacker.com, an international platform that matches your needs! They have pet sitters, pet groomers, taxis to pick up your pets, and pet walkers in your area. It’s available in 50 countries, including Thailand!

Pet-friendly Community

There are a few pet-friendly communities in Bangkok, where you can drop your pet off in the morning and pick them up later. They provide pet care services, pet training or exercising courses along with a playground with a pet-friendly environment to keep your little friend busy all day! Drop off your pet at one of these pet-friendly places, so they can have fun: Trail and Tail, DOG PARK 49, Mile High Pet Care and Spa, and Dog’s Paw.🐶

Pet Boarding or Pet Hotel

If you’re going on a business trip or on a vacation, you may not be able to take your pet with you. Pet boardings or pet hotels are here to save the day! You can check your pets in for days and there’ll be staff who will look after your pet. We recommend that you look for ones that don’t lock up your pets in a cage. They should also always have staff on site as well as provide exercise sessions every day.

Friends and Family

Friends and family might be the first pet sitters options that come to mind. They are not professional pet sitters, but they know you and your pets (and are probably free of charge!). Before you drop your pets off at their place, always make sure that they are available to take care of them. Changing from one home to another every day is not ideal for your pet’s mental health.

One thing to always keep in mind! It’s normal that sometimes you won’t have time for your pets! You might have a very busy week and you’ll need to rest or have a ‘me’ time and that’s totally okay! Don’t feel guilty about it and call for a pet sitter! They are there to help!

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