Calming Tips: How to keep your cat calm around houseguests

Even though you are as much of an introvert as your cat, you might have visitors at your house from time to time, it could be during the festive season or any other occasion. Some cats might be good with strangers trespassing on their territory but some will find the whole thing stressful and have anxiety!

Not to worry! We have some easy tips for you to try to keep your cat calm around houseguests.

Prepare a cat room

Before opening the door for your guests, prepare a quiet space for your feline friends complete with a comfy bed, a clean litter box, food or snack, water, and toys. Make sure that they feel calm in their space until everyone comes in, then you can leave the door open, so they can choose whether to stay in or to greet the guest.

Create calming environment

If your cats are really stressed by the company, you can help by creating a calming environment to support their mood. After keeping your cats in the room, turn on soft music in the background, keep the lights low to cover the guests’ sound, and use calming products like spray or diffuser to calm their minds.

Avoid strangers’ contact

Even though your cats are fine around strangers, it is better to let them choose whether they want to be there or not . You shouldn’t force them to snuggle with someone or sit on a stranger’s lap. Let that be your cat’s choice. If they were pushed into doing anything they don’t want to, their fear can turn them violent and aggressive towards your houseguests.

Don’t give them any human food

This one is for both introverted and extroverted cats. Caution your companies, especially children, that your cats can not eat human food or treats and they shouldn’t give any to them. Also, be careful of the leftovers on the table and on the floor.

Extra Tips

  • Close the front (or back) door to prevent your pets from panicking and running outside.
  • Don’t let any guests come into the cat room.
  • Don’t force your cat to be in strangers’ arms. Let them walk to your guests by themselves.
  • Always caution children that they should not pick up, chase, or give any food to your cats.
  • If your visitors have personal possessions, don’t put them on your cats’ favorite spots. Keep them out of your cats’ reach as much as possible.

Now, keep (your cat) calm and bring in the houseguests!

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