How to train your pet to enjoy vet visits

Whose fur babies have issues when it comes to vet visits? Some pets might be grumpy, moody, or feeling blue every time they go to a vet clinic or a pet grooming shop. Why can’t they be calm like other pets on social media? Especially the ones that let everyone treat them without a fuss! 

It’s common for pets to be nervous and anxious when they go to the vet. However, they can be trained to not be scared and angry, using these methods!

Rehearsal Trip 🚗 

Train your pet to travel without any distraction. Teach your fur babies to get used to being in a carrier bag or stroller while at home. You can try putting some toys in, carrying your pet around the house in the carrier bag, or pushing the stroller around to see their reaction. You might take them on a small trip to the supermarket to see how they’re doing. Gradually introduce new and different environments and people. This will also help train you as a pet ‘pawrent’ to know what to do, and what necessities to bring for your pet on an outing.

Handling Training 🐾

Train your pet to get used to being touched by becoming a veterinarian yourself! Familiarize your pets by examining their body. Try checking their face, eyes, mouth, ears, and everywhere from head to tail. Whenever your pets stay still, concentrate, or follow your instructions, give them a small treat. This will condition your pet to the situation. They’ll be more excited to learn and follow, and won’t panic next time they see the vet.

Taking some time to adjust 🏥

When setting an appointment, find a day where you won’t need to be in a hurry with other errands, especially if you have a fur baby that’s anxious when seeing new people or places. At the clinic, give your pet some time before the appointment to adjust to the environment by walking around and going to the toilet. Wait for them to feel calmer. If the clinic allows, go in to keep them company!🐶🐱

Tips for vet visits during the COVID-19 situation: Visiting a vet in the midst of a pandemic can be a little harder. Many places do not allow humans inside, but provide curbside service where they’ll pick up your little friends from your car. Parting from ‘pawrents’ and leaving with strangers can make your pets panic. But, you can help by telling them that you’ll stay and wait. You shouldn’t worry too much, since your pets can sense your emotions. If the clinic allows for food or treats, bring your pets’ favorites to feed them while they’re inside.

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