Stronger Bond with Cats on Respect Your Cat Day!

Although they seem calm and don’t really show much of their feelings, cats always love and seek attention from us. On Respect Your Cat Day, MyFriend has some lovely activities for you to strengthen the bond between you and your meow master!

Talk to Your Master

You might not notice, but adult cats do not meow much to one another. They meow, however, at us hoomans all the time. They meow to greet us, ask for food, or to chat. They’d love it if we’d talk back a little, whether in meows or hooman language! And even if they’re not meowing at us, we can still tell them what we’re doing or where we’re going. It’s a good way to help cats socialize and for ‘hoomans’ and their meow masters to understand each other better!

Be Present

Even if cats are calm most of the time, when they lay on your computer, they need you. If possible, give a few minutes to direct your attention (and fingers!) to their favorite petting spots before going on with your task. Your master will know that they’re not taken for granted and will love you even more!

Mental Stimulation

Stimulate your cats with fun activities, treats, toys, and interactive games together! Hang out with your master in comfortable places or go out for a walk (yes, cats can go for a walk too!). This stimulates both the physical and mental health of your pet while bonding with you!

Maintain a Routine

Your meow master doesn’t like unpredictable things. They need to know what you’re up to and prefer you follow the same timeline every day. An unknown and chaotic situation can stress your cats out. Make sure that you follow both your and their routine to keep the bond strong together!

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