Comfortable Seat in Car for Doggy Friends!

When I met you in the summer ~ Summer is here! So go ahead, and put our boy Calvin Harris’ summer anthem on repeat in the car and ride on the vacay of your dreams with your favorite fur buddies!

Get ready for an exciting vacation time with your family and loved ones! It’s pawsible not to take your doggy friend on a trip, but summer wouldn’t be summer without your adorable babies. So, why don’t we just go together?! Sure, you guys might be stuck in the car for a few hours, but if we prepare ourselves well and find a good spot in the car for our doggy, it would be a pawtastic trip! 

Because having a good trip with your pups is *IMPAWTANT*, conducted a study on 4 dog breeds; Jack Russell, Poochong (Bichon Frise mix with Poodle), Cocker Spaniel, and Red Fox Labrador. In order to find out where in the vehicle is best for dogs, they used heart rate monitors to measure where a dog feels most comfortable.

By monitoring dogs’ heart rates in different spots with a pawrent behind the wheel, the average heart rate of four dog breeds decreases 6.8% while they’re in the front seat next to the driver. Their heart rate decreases 9.5% in the back seat where they can see the driver.

The research also found that dogs are uncomfortable most when sitting at the back of the car, like in the trunk of an SUV, because they’re unable to see their pawrents. When subjects were placed in the trunk of an SUV, their average heart rate increased 20.4%. In the back seat of the driver, where they can’t see their pawrents, their average heart rate increased 10.6%.

However, according to the American Kennel Club, the passenger seat beside the driver is considered “not safe” because an airbag can injure your dog if there is an accident. If your dog sits on your lap, that might distract your focus and may cause accidents too.

Being apart from their favorite hoomans in a new space and situation can cause an isolated and anxious feeling for your pet. That’s why you need to find a balance between the most comfortable and the safest seat in the car for them, for your own safety, and for other drivers on the road.

Road Tips

Driving for several hours can be tiring. Turn up the music from Pooch Perfect Cars, a Spotify playlist from Compare the Market, for relaxing and chilling music at 50-60 beats per minute. Have fun jamming on the ride!

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