Traveling Tips with Pets on Holiday!

How does one have a worry free, super pawsome holiday with one’s paw friends one asks? The answer is to go on a trip and not have to deal with a frustrating situation! Unexpected events happen when we want to rest our minds and bodies. If you take your pets on a holiday and things don’t go as planned, that could lessen the fun. Not to worry, we’re here to help! Follow these travel tips to prevent pawsible headaches with your pets!


Help your pets adjust to a new environment by using their favorite items, whether it be their old snuggle toys or a ready-to-sleep fluffy bed! One week before the holiday, have your pets practice staying inside a car seat or a carrier, so they can adjust to traveling. Throw their favorite toys or treats in a car seat or a carrier, and wait for them to walk inside by themselves. When they are comfortable in their spot, try moving them around the house.


Does my little friend have motion sickness? Let’s have a short test ride with your pet before driving farther away. If they drool or yawn a lot, your pet might have motion sickness. Slightly open a window for air ventilation and use toys for distraction. Although some pets might have a hard time at first, they normally outgrow motion sickness after a few rides. No worries!


From the first day of traveling to the end of the holiday, avoid any new or strange foods or treats. New dishes might cause digestive problems, such as vomiting, indigestion and diarrhea. If possible, avoid having food for at least 1-2 hours before departing. You can give some ice cubes for freshness during the ride though!


Check up on terms and conditions of places, hotels, restaurants, or even airlines again to prevent any misunderstandings!

In addition to these tips, take your pets to the vet for health check-ups, vaccinations, or a microchipping before the trip. Prepare your pets’ bags according to the Pet Travel Checklist!



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