Pet Potty While Traveling

Pet potty might seem challenging while traveling. But if you follow our tips and prepare, your meow masters and your doggo pals will be able to do their private business with no hiccups!

Check out these tips!


  • Training before traveling For doggie friends that already know how to go, you can skip this one. However, if your pets are still little puppies, you should train them for at least two weeks prior to the trip. When taking your pets for a walk, see if they’re going to potty. If they do, say command words and give them some treats. Your puppies will learn the command word after repeating it a few times.
  • Follow the rules Normally, pet-friendly venues or hotels have pet waste stations where you can find poop bags and/or a scooper. When your pet is done, clean up after them to maintain a good environment for others. 
  • Be prepared Although your pet already went to the toilet outside, there could be an accident inside the hotel room, especially with dogs with urinary issues. Try placing a single-use pee pad on your pet’s bed, carrier, or stroller, to help keep clean.


  • Bring your cat’s litter box Not every pet-friendly hotel has a litter box for your feline friends. If it does, that doesn’t guarantee that your cat master will use it. Bringing your own litter box would be more familiar for your cats to conduct their private business.
  • Stick to the same cat litter Use your cat’s usual litter brand. If you want to switch, do it before the holiday so that your cats can get acquainted with the new scent. Because of the new environment, the new litter will make your cats feel anxious and drop their stuff somewhere else.
  • Clean the litter box often Keep the litter box clean after your meow masters use it. If they come back and their old stuff is still there, they might not want to drop it in the same place. They’ll hold it in or find some other spot as their toilet, and that could be your bed!

Keep calm, clean, and carry on! Have a petastic trip! 

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