Uncle Chai Koh Tao Tour: Dive in with the Golden Retrievers!

Golden Retrievers are known to be good swimmers. With their waterproof hair and web-like paw, they’re able to swim swiftly. They also have soft and gentle mouths that won’t break an egg if they have to carry one.

You might’ve seen some silky hair friends happily mud bathing, enjoying the rain, or carrying three tennis balls at a time in their mouth but we can guarantee you’ve never seen this! In Koh Tao, Surat Thani, Bunthin Daenthaisong or Uncle Chai have golden retrievers tour guides! They take Thai and international tourists who want to travel around Koh Tao island! How apawrable is that!

The golden retrievers family includes Money, Fanta, and Mee-Tang. They will take turns in guiding tourists to swim and travel around the island. Whenever they see plastic bottles or sticks, they’ll dive in to take them to the boat. If they see someone calling out for help, they will rescue them too. 

Uncle Chai’s Koh Tao tour with golden retrievers is very popular. They receive lots of attention from Thai and international travelers. Vloggers regularly come to the island to collect and share cute footage and so these golden silky hair paws became celebrities of Koh Tao island. Even during the pandemic when there were fewer tourists traveling, Uncle Chai still had income.

For pet lovers who are looking for a unique experience with apawrable tour guides on a beautiful island, Uncle Chai and his golden retrievers family are waiting for you! Discover the beauty of the underwater world and raise your awareness of environmental issues. And if you have doggy friends who love to swim, they can join the trip too! 🐶💦 

Travel with Uncle Chai and Golden Retriever Family
Uncle Chai Tel. 087-277-7129
Auntie Lai Tel. 093-578-4349

Please note that Uncle Chai and his superstar tour guides  have busy schedules because they can only go once per day, so reserved in advance! Have fun! 

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