4 Tips to Reduce Motion Sickness on a Road Trip!

We can’t deny that traveling is a part of our lives, and motion sickness can be a part of that too! Although most people are lucky not to have any dizziness while traveling by car, pets might have it but can’t tell us how they feel! How do we know if they feel uncomfortable, and how do we prevent it from happening? Let’s find out!

Motion sickness in Pets

Motion sickness in pets mostly stemmed from the stress and anxiety of being taken out of the house. They feel uncomfortable staying in a small moving space. The symptoms of motion sickness may include vomiting and diarrhea, similar to hoomans’ symptoms.

Tips to reduce Motion Sickness in Pets

Distraction If you’re going on a trip with more than one person take turns to play with your pets using their favorite toys to distract their focus. They won’t feel too intense staying in a car. Be aware though! your pet might be distracting YOU from driving!

Rest Frequently Road trips require a lot of time in the car. Frequently take your pet outside, maybe once every hour or two. This way, your pets will be able to stretch their legs and go to the toilet.

Slightly crack open a window for some air ventilation. Don’t open too wide that your pet can jump out or slip out of the car. Be careful when they get their head out to feel the air because it can be dangerous when driving in heavy traffic.

Use a car seat or crate Other than safety reasons, a car seat can help prevent motion sickness in pets. Because a car seat lifts up the level of your pet’s seat, they will be able to see things moving outside and not distract you while you’re driving by moving around in the car.

MyFriend wishes you a safe and fun trip. Enjoy every moment of your journey and always consider safety first! For you, your pets, and other people on the road. Bon Voyage!

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