Healthy Pet Treats by Thai Local Business!

Treats with no tricks! What are the benefits of healthy pet treats? Treats aren’t just meant to be given to your fur babies as rewards for being good, but it should also be beneficial to their health! If fed with the right amount and balanced with usual meals, treats are good for your pet’s health and clean their mouths and teeth. This way, your beautiful baby will really be rewarded!

If you’re looking for some treats for your little fur friends, we have not only one, but five Thai-local healthy pet treats for both dogs and cats! Every shop uses human-grade ingredients, no additives or any preservatives.

BOO&KO IG: @boo_and_ko

Pet treats that are high protein, low fat, and low sodium for all pawrents who want to maintain their pet’s weight. Boo&Ko dehydrates ingredients in low heat to retain smell, crunch, and natural taste. They also have cat and dog treats available in more than 100 shops across Thailand!

Nudie Treats IG: @nudietreats

Gluten-free bone-shape baked sticks that dogs favor! They have four flavors to choose from: blueberry banana, coco banana, pumpkin turmeric, and spinach brown rice. They also have little sunbaked fish that your cats will love. Sprinkle it on top of their meal or eat as snacks – it’s good both ways!

HAPPY PAWS IG: @happypawsth

Heart-made treats from dried meat, veggies, and fruits. Various types of cookies that all dogs and cats can enjoy. They also go to pet events regularly and provide other pet supplies too. If you would like to shop for more supplies for your pets, then follow this shop!

bake n’ bark IG: @bake.n.bark

Made-to-order homemade treats to guarantee freshness when it gets to your baby’s paw! Their main menu is dried meat with rosemary and dried toppings sprinkled on top to increase cravings and nutrition. They also have doggy cereals in adorable packages that look exactly like the human ones! Now is a good time to make a human error and pick up the wrong box for your pets!

kitazawa IG: @kitazawa_store

Japanese minimalism-style treats that are full of benefits. Not only do they have crunchy dried fish snacks for cats, but they also sell several flavors of kibble toppings that can increase appetite, cleaning products, and hair spray. Shop for all in one place!

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