Tail Wags: Different wags, different meanings!

Tail wagging is another form of language in the dog’s and cat’s world! 
Pet’s don’t just communicate to us through their facial expressions or body gestures, but also the movement of their tails. It’s another way for hoomans like us to understand pets better!

Here are tail-wagging movements and meanings for dogs and cats!

6 tail wagging meanings for dogs

Positive Meaning
If your dog raises their tail high and still, you can assume that they are alert and want to show their dominance.

If the tail is wagging wide and fast, it means that they are so happy and excited. This movement usually occurs when dogs meet their parents.

If the tail is wagging more to the right side, your dog is interested and pleasant by something or someone that they already know. It’s friendly wagging.

Negative Meaning
If your dog’s tail is down between their legs, they are afraid, concerned, or are being submissive.

If your dog’s tail is hanging low with short strokes, they might feel anxious or uptight.

If the tail is wagging to the left side, it means your dog wants to show dominance to strangers.

6 tail wagging meanings for cats

Positive Meaning
If your cat gently swishes the tip of their tail while sitting or lying down, they are feeling relaxed, comfortable, and secure around you.

If the tail is up high and curls softly at the tip, it means that they are confident and want to play with us or other cats.

If your cat swishes the whole tail from side to side and even rubs their body against you, they love you and want some attention.

Negative Meaning
If your cat’s tail is tucked between two legs and curls their body, they feel frightened, insecure, and want to escape.

If your cat’s tail is pointing straight and quivers rapidly, they are trying to protect their territory.

If your cat lays their tail on the ground and slowly swishes from side to side while sitting still, they feel unhappy or even angry (if the tail swishes hard).

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