Insect-based Pet Food: Future of Pet Food

Why would my pet friends need to eat insects?

This may have been your initial thought when you heard about insect-based pet food. It’s not strange to ask! Other than the deep-fried worms and insects in Thailand’s night market that we’re used to, these little insects can be nutritious for our pets too.

What are the advantages of feeding insect-based pet food?

In the past few years, food science and technology have developed pet products, using insects as the source of protein. Insects like crickets, mealworms, and black soldier flies will be processed and blended with other nutritional substances to produce pet food or snacks. These insect-based pet foods also allow you and your compawnions to help the environment!


Even though we have an environmental crisis, the traditional pet food industry still needs a massive amount of energy and resources, creating more pollution to this planet. There are also ethical problems with farm animals. Insect-based pet food, on the other hand, can help with these concerns. Insect farming does not require a lot of area or energy. It emits less Methane and Ammonia. The environmental benefit is the number one advantage of insect-based pet food.


Most pets are excited when they see food. But for some reason, dairy meats are one of the most common allergies for pets. In the pet food world, there are many hypoallergenic products to choose from. Insect-based pet food or treats could be great alternatives too!

More than just Proteins

Little insects that were processed to make pet food are full of proteins. They are also high in fat, fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins.  The amount of these nutrients varies depending on the type of bug. They are just as healthy as other types of meat.

Giving your pet insect-based pet food would be great for both your pet’s health and our planet. Even though there are a few produced or imported brands in Thailand, we believe that our dear pet friends will have more alternatives when it comes to food in the near future!

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