Mugumogu: Maru the Cat, the most-watched animal on YouTube

Taking over the world, little by little, starting from YouTube!

Maru’s dad has been uploading videos of his little guy leaping into plastic bags for more than ten years. Their channel: Mugumogu has now become the most watched animal on YouTube, with almost 500 million views. They have achieved the Guinness World Record title proudly!

On the Mugumogu channel, there are other cats in the family taking turns on being adorable for all of us to gush at their cuteness. For many years, they have had more than 1,400 videos in total and they’re far from being done! They have taken over a giant platform like YouTube already! What’s next?

Let’s go binge-watch their 4K cuteness on the YouTube channel Mugumogu. Meowwww 😘

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