Tombot: A robot puppy that can help many ‘real’ lives

‘Jennie’ or the puppy robot from ‘Tombot’ was designed specifically for senior citizens or people with Dementia. The making of Jennie the robot puppy was derived from Tom Stevens, the CEO of ‘Tombot’. His mother had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and so he had to separate ‘Golden Bear’, their Goldendoodle puppy from his mother and that really broke his heart. This however, inspired Tom to start developing Jennie because he knew that this kind of things happens to many people and families out there and so ‘Jennie’ was launched in 2017 ⚡️

Other than Jennie’s adorable appearance (she looks like a real Labrador), she was designed with sensors to react to her owner’s order. She also has a voice activation software. If you tell her to bark, she’ll bark to you with a real 12 weeks old puppy sound. She’s rechargeable just like a cell phone and she comes with an application that allows you to re-name her as well as keep track of her daily life.

Jennie can help those who suffer from anxiety, depressive disorder, PTSD, chronic pain, cognitive impairment, autism, as well as senior citizens because this four legged robot doesn’t need as much care as a real puppy does. 🐶

Thank you Jennie from ‘Tombot’, for being a part of curing the hearts of all people, just like a real dog would! 👏

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