Meet MyFriends!: PomPam, Niti Chaichitathorn

What a colorful month we are in! Our guest today was so bright and cheerful, we felt so alive!. ✨ We’re here with PomPam, Niti Chaichitathorn or Granny PomPam that everybody knows and loves! 👏

PomPam is not only a talented MC, producer and actor, but also, a mother of famous rabbits from “The open-cage” series from Instagram; Pepper, Salt, Butter and Peanut! 🐰📸

PomPam kindly welcomed us to his apartment and talked about the love for his pets! If you’re ready, let’s dive into the heart melting stories of PomPam and his four bunny friends! 💖🐾

First of all, please introduce yourself and your four rabbits.

I’m PomPam, Niti Chaichitathorn, mother of Pepper, Salt, Butter and Peanut.

First question, why did you choose rabbit?

When I was young, my cousin had Thai rabbits. She named them Fanta and Mirinda or whatever it was, so I wanted a rabbit too. My parents didn’t allow me to get one, I think my dad didn’t want to clean their poop and my mom said she’s allergic to them.

Now that I’m older and have rabbits of my own, she came to play with them and has zero signs of allergies! So I’m assuming that back then, my parents were just too lazy to take care of any pet. I became an adult and still wanted to have a rabbit. I also moved into a pet-friendly condominium and so finally, I adopted rabbits, starting with Khun Pepper over there.

Is Pepper the first rabbit that came?

Yes, at first I had a specific type of rabbit in mind. I wanted an all gray rabbit, and the farm had it, it was this pure-gray rabbit, a very handsome gentleman. But when I had him on my lap, he didn’t move a single bit. It made me wonder if he’s a doll or a robot without any battery. I didn’t feel like we connected and then this girl popped out of nowhere and started nibbling on my toe and followed me around. I felt an instant connection with her. I later found out that the farm was hiding her because they didn’t want to sell her. She was in really good shape for a rabbit. But she came to me and so she became my first rabbit.

Is this farm located in Bangkok?

Yes, it’s located in Bangkok.

What breed are they? Why do you like this breed?

Four of them are Holland Lop. They have droopy ears and it’s super cute! And they are so tiny. Like Pepper, she has droopy ears and when she lays down, her ears flopped on the ground. Oh my gosh, it’s really cute, it makes my heart flutter! And so Pepper is the first to come.

Then Miss Salt, I adopted her from The Voice Foundation founded by Miss Chollada (Kae). They told me that they have a stray rabbit that someone had abandoned and left at the temple. It seems like she’s blind as well, from scratching her own eye with long uncut nails. The foundation took her in, treated her, and tried to find her a new home. I was like Oh she’s a girl so I took Pepper to meet her and she was super happy so I took Salt home with me.

Third one was Butter. It started when I took Salt to the grooming salon and I met Butter when she was a newborn. Her look, I felt an instant connection. She looked like she was destined to meet me. I went home and was still thinking of her after several days, so in the end, I went back for her.  

As for the fourth one, Peanut, I adopted him from the vet. I took Butter in for a check up and met Peanut, his previous owner didn’t know how to take care of him properly. He was fed something that made his poop really grainy. And so the veterinary clinic took him in to treat him and if no one was able to take him home, they’ll probably return him to the farm. He’s so handsome, Peanut, like really good looking. When I took him to meet my other rabbits, they got along really well so I adopted another rabbit.

Peanut now has 3 sisters and he’s a boy, right? At first he was so naughty and fearless. I put them all in a big cage, he had no respect and jumped inside the others’ houses on his first day, so he got chased away by Pepper. Peanut had to take time to bond with his sisters.

How do you like to spend time with your rabbits? Any favorite activities? We saw that you share many sweet moments with your rabbits. 

Yes! Miss Butter here likes to lick and nibble, she’s very affectionate. When I watch TV she likes to hop by my feet and nibble them so I would crawl down to let her lick my nose. What I do every morning is film the ‘Open cage’ video which is when I open their cage and let my babies out. There are four bowls of food and I try to train them to only eat from that bowl. It only works sometimes, two out of ten! But when it works, it makes me really happy!

What is your best moment together, what do they do that make you feel impressed by them? 

Impress me? Um… What did you do to impress me (talking to rabbit)? It’s hard to explain. I’m not sure if we can call this impression. They’re so easy to take care of. I don’t know if I treat them well or this is how they are. They’re not very naughty, they don’t really fight with each other, and when I take them out to meet other rabbit friends, they don’t feel threatened or start a fight with others. They’re not shy when they’re with the vet or with their friends at the grooming salon.

Is there a grooming service for rabbits?

We shouldn’t bathe them ourselves because they have no sweat glands and their body can have a shock from it. These rabbits’ butts get yellow very often because they sit on their own pee. I have to take them to bathe, have their nails trim, and their hair combed. This time when I took them to get their hair combed, the equivalent of hair that came out was the size of one rabbit! 

Now, please say something to the viewers, those who want to have a rabbit. What should they do or shouldn’t do? How to prepare themself?

Well, actually it’s easy and it’s hard. I think rabbits are like all the other pets, they need to be taken care of, especially their diets. Many rabbits die from diarrhea and most likely caused by raw food. Most people think that rabbits’ main diets are green vegetables or carrots, it’s okay to give them a little bit of these vegetables but actually their main food is grass.

Bunny Facts

  • Rabbits main diets are grass and pellet food
  • Morning Glory, Cucumber and Cabbage shouldn’t be fed to rabbits because of its resin and water content that can cause Flatulent or Diarrhea
  • Carrot can be fed in very small amount, less than once a week and shouldn’t be fed to young rabbits.


We remembered from what we watched on TV as a kid, they fed rabbits with all these vegetables.

Yes, I personally give them only grass. Because of the way they chew grass, it’ll make their teeth less sharp and protect them from chewing and hurting the inside of their cheeks. 

Last question! Do you have any work or TV programs to tell our viewers about?

Um… Do I have any work?… lately I’ve been staying in bars (laughing). There’s “Talk-ka-Toey”, that’s still on air, every Saturday, channel GMM25. “Toey Tiew Thai”, I’m producing that one. There’s also two series from channel 3 that I’m currently filming, first is “Matarada” with my co-star, Toey Jarinporn. The other one is “SuebLubMhorRabard” with my co-star Kim. (Kimberley Anne Woltemas)

Last but not least, we have a family picture to share with you guys! 
#เป๊ปเปอร์ซอลท์บัตเตอร์พีนัทกระต่ายยาย. This amazing picture was shot by Pet Snap Studio Thailand. Thanks for being friends with us!

Thank you so much to PomPam for opening her arms and welcoming us into her home  and cage! We’re so glad to meet these cute rabbits and a fellow pet lover!

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