Pet translator: Closing the gap in communication between you and your pet!

FluentPet was launched in June 2020, developed by Leo Trottier, a California-based cognitive scientist at University of California San Diego, United States. FluentPet’s hex tiles designs are not only designed to hold sound buttons, but also organize buttons by word category. This pet translator combines ideas from speech language pathology and cognitive science to create a system that helps you and your pets communicate 🗣🐶🐱

How FluentPet works is to separate shapes, colors, and sound from each other in order to create phrases and sentences. FluentPet was designed for easy usage for pets, so that they would be able to differentiate each button from each other even though pets might not see things the way humans do. You can also have your FluentPet customize in accordance to your own interests for your pets.✨

You can find FluentPet at their website, Amazon and Ebay with 4 kits to choose from, Tester kit, Get started, Basic vocab and They can talk for more advanced kit 🤚

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