5 Pet Items from Thai Local Brands to Glam up Your Pets!

👀 Are you looking for gifts or accessories for your pet’s grand debut outdoors? If so… MyFriend is here with plenty of pet’s items from Thai local brands ✨ Items such as collars, tags, suits, along with leashes. We’re giving this 5 paws! To guarantee that you and your pets will be satisfied with the results! 😻

🐾 @g.ddogc

If you love lovely things, you would love this shop. Because every pet that wears their collar or bandana will look 300% more adorable! You can customize the design, name tag and colors of the collar to create a unique necklace for your one and only!

🐾 @daddydog_store

Protect spreading suits that’s guaranteed to be super comfortable for dogs and cats and solve cleaning problems for pet parents. They come with several designs for festive occasions and trends. Trendy pet parents would love this!

🐾 @hundur.official

Leash and NFC Tag for gadget geek pet parents! You would especially love their well designed hand-free leash with so many colors to choose from!

🐾 @doggupets 

Add some cuteness with a special made, colorful bead necklace. Customizable design and name bead. Can you feel your heart melting after seeing this? So cute!

🐾 @tummycurl

This brand is all about details and attentives. You can tell from the embroidery tag, made to look like your pets along with their name. Every spot and brindle on your pets will be replicated and placed onto the tag as well! You won’t be able to set the tag and your pet apart!  

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