Celebrate Pride month with paw friends of the Fab Five from Queer Eye!

Fab Five (Fabulous Five) of Queer Eye, the popular makeover tv series from Netflix, consists of the most fabulous friend from specific fields of knowledge. The five members are Jonathan Van Ness, Antoni Porowski, Bobby Berk, Karamo Brown, and Tan France.

They have their own unique styles and talents, with the ability to make us completely fall in love with who we are as ourselves as well as who they are. And guess what? Their little paw friends are ready to take place in our hearts and yours too!

Jonathan Van Ness @jvn

Because he has the most pets, we are going to start with this awesome hairdresser! Jonathan has two dogs, Elton and Pablo. He also has four cats, Genevieve, Liza Meownelli, Tooters, and LARRY.

Antoni Porowski @antoni @neonthemutt

Antoni, our favorite chef, has a mutt dog named Neon. He adopted Neon in March 2020. The dog was also featured in Queer Eye, season 6 as well!

Bobby Berk @bobby

Bobby is the super talented interior designer who makes magic happen by either creating or transforming a place. He has a dog named Bimini. She is a mini labradoodle! (Standard Labrador Retriever cross with Miniature Poodle).

Karamo Brown @karamo

As for Karamo who’s always able to get people to speak their minds and warms their heart, he has ‘Logan’ Patrick Michael Brown, an 18-year-old pooch. Karamo has adopted this cutie since its puppyhood.

Tan France @tanfrance

Although our fashionista, Tan, doesn’t have any pets of his own, he’s a mega pet lover who gushes and cuddles every fur baby he meets!

Thank you for images from Fab Five’s Instagram, dogoday.com, and edition.cnn.com

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