Do’s and Don’ts in Potty Training Your Puppy

Going to the bathroom to relieve oneself is the most normal act in life no matter who you are but for dogs, sometimes things just won’t go according to plan! The reason might be that they’ve never potty trained before. Your dog might not know when or where to go, or more importantly, where to not to go! It would be much easier to know certain tricks to train your favorite friend to properly go to the bathroom!  

Today, we’re here to show you some do’s and don’ts when potty training your puppy.💩

✅ Do’s ✅

✅ Take a longer walk
Isn’t it weird that when you take your puppy out for a walk, they don’t poop but as soon as you get home, they’ll head straight to your coffee table and poop by its leg or by the couch! Perhaps if you and your dog go on a longer walk, they’ll have time to explore and learn to go to the toilet when they’re outside. Also, it would be great if you can take them to the same spot every day.

✅ Praise them and give some treats
Praise and treats can never go wrong. Playtime and allowing your dog to run around are also rewarding for dogs, no matter how old they are. Use that to help with potty training by giving them some treats and loving words every time they do it right.

✅ Clean up accidents
Sometimes your puppy might relieve themselves in the wrong place. No matter where it is in your house, clean them all to remove the odor, so your puppy won’t come back to the same spot. Pet cleaning products without hazardous chemical substances are recommended here.


❌ Punish them for having an accident
It’s totally normal for pets to excrete in the wrong place. You shouldn’t punish them for it because they will get scared of you. Clap your hands once when you see that your paw baby is about to go to the bathroom in a prohibited space. They will stop and learn not to do it again.

❌ React angrily or show aggressive expression
If you see their poop or pee but didn’t catch them doing it in the act, don’t react angrily or say mean things. Dogs can not connect aggression with the toilet situation. All you need to do is to clean up.

❌ Stop training too soon
Even though your dog can use the toilet when they are only a few months old, don’t stop training them just yet. Keep having them practice for three or six more months, so they can remember them for the rest of their lives.

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