Captain Quint Paradise: Dog Dad turned Pet shop owner

Everything started in 2015. Antony Kawin Thoong (Guy), the 1st runner-up of 2010 KPN Award (Famous Thai singing competition TV show), became a pet parent with a Siberian Husky puppy named ‘Captain Quint’. Guy was watching ‘Jaws’ at the time and decided to name his new baby after the infamous Captain from the movie.

After Guy had his first dog, the family started to grow bigger. He adopted more dogs, they are named ‘Ying Mo’ (Lady Mo), ‘Molly’, ‘Kevin’, ‘Abu’, ‘Romeo’, ‘Snow Quint’, and ‘Pojaman’. He also adopted two turtles named ‘Hansel’ and ‘Gretel’. If you think it ends there you’re wrong! There are also four cats in this big family. They are ‘Mario’, ‘Anya’, ‘Loui’s and ‘Madam Rose’. Together, this big group of pets are called the ‘Cocktail gang’. This adorable gang has more than 500,000 followers on Facebook. Unfortunately Captain Quint, Pojaman, Molly and Marion are no longer with us on this earth, they’re running around happily up above in pet paradise 👼⭐️

With his growing pet family, Guy became concerned that he had no time for these pets. That was when he decided to start his own companies called ‘Captain Quint Family’ and ‘Captain Quint Paradise’ which consists of a cleaning and grooming service, a cafe, and a pet shop.

He uses Captain Quint’s name for the entire shop and three other dogs’ names for each zone within the shop; Molly for ‘Molly Per Aqua Spa’🛁 , Ying Mo for the ‘Molimo Pet Shop’🛒, and Kevin for ‘Cafe De Kevino’ ☕️ . At Cafe De Kevino, you can bring your pets to meet other paw friends but please note that this isn’t actually a dog cafe! They serve many delicious drinks and appetizers there such as salad, sandwiches, waffles, and cake.

For pet parents that can’t take their pets to the shop, Captain Quint Paradise also has a Grooming Delivery service in the form of a bathing car that will drive straight to your door! How convenient! 🚐🚪

They have 2 branches at this time

🐾 Rattanathibet branch, they have a Cafe zone, a Pet Shop and a Spa.

🐾 CDC RamIntra, they have Grooming service and a Spa

Open Daily 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM.

Special thanks to Facebook page Captain Quint’s Family and Captain Quint Paradise for information and pictures! 🙌

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