Pawrent tips! How to convince your dog to eat veggies

No one can deny that vegetables and fruits are good for your dog’s digestion, plus it’s a good way to help them lose weight. 💪 But to make them eat fruits and veggies, that’s not an easy task! Even some of us hoomans are not a fan of veggies, can’t imagine that it’s much different for dogs! 🤢

Not to worry, we’re here with tips that will help pawrents convince your dogs to eat fruits and veggies. After you’ve followed our tips, your paw friends might prefer green to their favorite meat dish! You can thank us later! ❤️

🥦 Little by little

Our pooch friend is well known for their amazing sense of smell. Even if there is a very tiny change in their meal, they’ll know. To start, introduce fruits and veggies to them in a very small proportion, so they’re ease into it. Start increasing the amount later, slowly, that’s the best way for them to get used to it.

🥕 Give them greens when they’re hungry

Us humans are less picky about food when we’re hungry, right? So are our dogs! You can take the opportunity after they’re awake or after they’re back from walking to cool their hunger down by giving them fruits and vegetables. Ten points to hooman for this match!

🍉 Favorite dish and a plus one

No dog can resist their favorite dish in front of them! Adding cooked veggies in their beloved chicken dish or mixing fruits in with their favorite treats, these are such great strategies! 

🍌 Prepare fruits and vegetables the right way!

Dog’s digestive systems are not as good as ours. Reducing the size of food will make our paw friends’ tummy happier, like blending fruits, mashing, or slicing cooked veggies into small pieces.

Lastly, keep in mind that dogs are omnivores that can have both meat and vegetables but there are some greens that they cannot have. Some vegetables and fruits such as asparagus, onion, mushroom, grapes, and peaches, are toxic or bad for your dog’s digestive system. Always research what to give to your dogs first and consult with the vet for a diet plan. Best of luck! Go Green!

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