Discussion Needed: Things to discuss before getting a pet with your significant other

LOVE is all around us! People have their own ways of expressing the feelings of love. Some do it through flowers, gifts, or a fancy dinner. Some choose to create a deeper intimate connection, something that will bind them to one another, like having a baby, or a trial version of a human baby, a fur baby. 

Adopting a pet together is HUGE, it will take your relationship to another level. There are certain things you need to discuss before welcoming a new fur baby into your household.

Try out these questions with your partner before making a very ‘impawtant’ decision!

  • Do you have enough time, money, space, and knowledge to take care of a pet?
  • What kind of pet would you like to adopt?
  • Is it suitable for your lifestyle?
  • Can you walk your pet every day after work?
  • Will you be okay scooping out the litter daily?
  • Are your housemates or your neighbors alright with a pet?
  • If you are both not home, who will take care of the pet?
  • Are you ready to take care of your pet for the rest of their life?
  • Pets are not easier than kids to take care of. It also takes a lot of resources and effort.
  • Think carefully before taking one in because no pets deserve to be abandoned.
  • Will you train your pet by yourself? If not, who will do it?
  • Will you take them to a Pet training school?
  • Will you get a Pet trainer?

Remember, having a pet will become a responsibility you’ll share as lovers. But it’ll definitely be worth it!

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