Beware of fleas & ticks in the rainy season!

In this tropical weather of Thailand, it’s not easy to protect your cats and dogs from little big ticks and flea problems, from jumping and laying their eggs on our furry pal’s warm bodies. Especially in the rainy season, when humidity levels and temperature are siding with these pests’ breeding process. If your cats and dogs love to go outside and play, you need to be careful!

Let’s check these tips to protect your furry friends from fleas, ticks, and itchiness!

Clean your house and yard

Keeping the area of your house and yard clean is very impawtant to protect your pets from fleas and ticks. Tall grass is a good starting point for fleas to jump onto our feline and canine friends. Shades under the grass can be hiding spots for ticks. Cut tall grass short and remove the weed in your lawn. Take out any items that’ve been piled up for a long time. Keep the area open and clean as much as possible to avoid giving a home to ticks and fleas.

Regular grooming

You can use flea-and-tick solution grooming items to groom your pets. Not only for the refreshing fluffy fur of your pets but it will also create quality time for you and your pets if you bathe them yourself. You can also check their body and look through their fur when your pets return from the outdoors. If you take your pet to a grooming shop, they’ll be able to give you some advice. This will increase the chance of finding fleas and ticks under the coats of your pets and getting rid of them.

Safety first

In a normal health checkup session, a veterinarian will look for signs of parasite problems, like fleas and ticks. You’re also able to check your pet’s skin after playtime outside. Brushing their coat every time before stepping inside a house to remove all specks of dirt and new fleas or ticks that just hopped on.

Because Thailand is a tropical place, fleas and ticks can be found throughout the year. Clean your house and yard. Keep your pet’s skin and coat healthy, so they would feel comfortable and be free of fleas! Also, don’t forget regular health checkups with the vet!

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