5 Uplifting Pet Movies to Watch (No Spoilers!)

Had a “ruff” week? Treat yourself to a relaxing weekend with your furry pals! Cozy up on the couch with some popcorn and a few snacks for your little one. Elevate your mood and vibe with these five uplifting movies starring adorable pets! 

Cruella (2021)

This remake presents a new take of the beloved story ‘101 Dalmatians’. It’s a story of Cruella, one of the most iconic and fashionable Disney villains of all time. It is a pawfect movie for all who love fashion AND pets!

Cruella is a live-action film that tells the story of Estella, a young girl who dreams of being a fashion designer. Estella began working with Baroness von Hellman, a fashion legend. While there, she discovered a secret that would lead to her fighting for a fashion legend crown with the help of her friends. While on this quest, Estella started to construct her new identity, Cruella, her true form. 

A movie highlighting 1970s UK punk-rock fashion along with our little paw friends running around? Hush puppy and take my money!

Captain Marvel (2019)

This one’s for all “Su-paw-hero” fans out there! It’s the origin story of Captain Marvel, the most powerful hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

At the beginning of the story, Captain Marvel finds herself as a Kree warrior from the Hala planet named Vers. She’s been assigned on a group mission to purge the Skrulls, a race of extraterrestrial shapeshifters. Fights broke out and she ended up on Earth in 1995. Hijinks ensued which later led to her becoming Captain Marvel. 

One of the main reasons Captain Marvel stood out from the rest of the MCU movies is because of a very cute guy named ‘Goose’. The orange furry feline who holds the key of the universe! Cats want to rule the world, of course!

Up (2009)

Up is a heartwarming animated story with a mixture of ‘follow your dreams’, an unlikely friendship, and a wild adventure!

The childhood sweethearts “Carl & Ellie” grew old together until one day Ellie passed away. Carl, left by himself for the first time ever, was inconsolable. He came up with a plan and decided to fulfill both of their dreams by going on an adventure to South America, using numerous balloons! He began his journey not knowing that he accidentally brought along “Russell,” a junior wilderness explorer. When they landed, they made a new friend named Dug, a golden retriever with a translator collar!

This movie is for everyone! The whole family can enjoy the movie including your paw friend!

Puss in Boots (2011)

Go on an adventure with Puss in Boots! This is a prequel story of Shrek. It’s about an orange feline named ‘Puss’ long before he met the gang in Shrek 2.

In this exciting ‘tail’ [tale], Puss in Boots tries to restore his honor by teaming up with his childhood friend from the orphanage- a pretty feline named “Kitty Softpaws”. There’s also “Humpty Alexander Dumpty”, a talking egg. The three of them go on a quest to retrieve the magic beans and the golden eggs. But watch out! Their mission won’t be easy with the outlaw couple Jack and Jill after them!

Apart from good story-telling, a great sense of humor, and pretty animations, This movie’s main characters are CATS! And that’s all we have to say about that!

The Secret Life of Pets 

Find out what your pets do when you’re not around in “The Secret Life of Pets”. The film features various species of animals and their natural charms!

A Jack Russell Terrier named Max lives in a New York apartment with his hooman mom Katie. When Katie is out, we can see Jack interacting with other pets around the neighborhood. Conflict occurs when one day Katie comes home with a new mongrel friend named Duke. Hijinks ensue when the two canines fall into a mischievous plan by a Sphynx cat named Ozone!

Each pet in the movie has their own characteristics, perks, and quirks! This cute little animation will make you want to install a camera in your home to see what kind of secret life your pets are living! 

We hope these 5 Uplifting Pet Movies will cheer you and your furry friends up! Let’s have a pawtastic weekend!

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