How to sustainably take care of cat’s poopies

We love cats, you love cats, everybody loves cats. And because we love them so much, sometimes it might be hard to admit that our cat master isn’t perfect. Our fluffy feline friend produces a lot of waste! It won’t be great if we can’t handle their feces in a proper way!

Now is the best time to start taking care of your cat’s waste properly, so that they can continue to enjoy their majestic catwalk on our beautiful planet Earth! 

Use Biodegradable litter

Choose cat litter that’s made of natural materials such as recycled compressed paper, wood shavings, corn, and grass seed. Many mainstream cat litter brands contain silica dust that would cause upper respiratory infections in humans. They could also contain sodium bentonite and fragrances that are harmful to both cats and the environment.

Do not flush your cat litter

Although many cat litter brands advertise their products as “Flushable”, it could be harmful to the environment, your toilet, and your health. Feline feces contain parasites that when flushed down the toilet could contaminate the water.

Avoid composting your cat litter

Because feline feces contain parasites and germs, getting rid of them by composting and using it on edible gardens is very dangerous with an exception for using it only on lawns or non-edible crops. We recommend you to ask for advice from a local composting expert.

Use an eco-friendly litter box

Aside from cat litter, litter boxes are very important too! Mostly they are made of plastics which are light-weighted and convenient to clean but can also crack or break easily. Try a stainless or thick-plastic cat litter box that is durable and easy to clean so you won’t have to change it often. It’s one of the eco-friendly choices!

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