Biodegradable VS Compostable: Aren’t they the same thing?!

Raise your hand if you still use plastic bags! ✋🐾

On a planet with a Climate Change situation, we are finding ways to reduce the use of products or packaging that are not environmentally friendly. However, pet parents face difficulties since they require a “Poop Bag” to pick up their pet’s droppings.

Poop bags were made of plastic to prevent odors and leakage but they take hundreds of years to decay. That is why Biodegradable and Compostable bags emerged.

Despite having labels that make you feel less guilty when dealing with poop, are they distinct from one another? And can they help us save this planet?!

What are the differences between Biodegradable and Compostable plastic?


Biodegradable products are still made of plastic and other decomposable materials, or simply plastic with chemicals that make it decompose faster. They still require a special environment, such as a pet waste station, to help in the process. If biodegradable plastic is left outside in nature, it will be in good condition for three years. After that, it will begin to break down and become microplastic.

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Compostable products are non-toxic because they are made of natural renewable components. When they decompose in an appropriate environment, you can use the end product from the composting process as fertilizer without chemical contamination. If a compostable product is left in nature, it will be decomposed tardily. Also, it is more expensive compared to other types of poop bags.

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Biodegradable and Compostable poop bags use different processes to decompose. Separating trash will help decompose the process efficiently.

Although using a poop bag is not the best environmentally friendly way to deal with your pet’s waste, you should not let it stay in the public space or release them into nature.

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