Catspiracy Theory: Are they really planning to conquer the world?!

As their favorite creature, us, hoomans can’t do much besides wondering ‘are they planning on doing something?’ 🤔

Planning to beg for their favorite snacks? 🍴
Or planning to explore the outside world? 💨
Or… planning to attack hooman and take over planet Earth?! 🤯🌏

Evidence to support this theory? Of course, we do have them!
Let’s take a look and we promise, you won’t be able to unsee this! 🙀

They’re watching us, looking for our weaknesses!

Even when you’re not home, they will always be watching you. 🐱

This is not evidence that planet earth is flat, but that the world is just a cat playing with Australia!

Have they been planning this for a million years?! 🌏

⚔️ Sir Ruben J, the first cat to be awarded honors by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Disclaimer: No cats were harmed during this photo, but we’re not sure about humans…

From a barn cat in Pennsylvania to a presidential cat.

What an impressive story of Willow Biden, the first cat to live in the White House since 2009. 🏛️

There are 200 cats in Beijing’s Forbidden City to keep rats away, and maybe they are up to something more 👀

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