GREEN ROAD: Garbage makes merit

Pet food bags and their packaging are garbage that no one thinks they have a lot of. As the pet parenting trend grows, the amount of this type of garbage grows as well. That’s when GREEN ROAD comes to revive this garbage!

GREEN ROAD, Garbage makes merit, is a project developed by Assistant Professor Dr.Wetchsawan Lakart, an instructor at the industrial technology department, Faculty of Science and Technology, Chiang Mai Rajabhat University. It was developed to deal with the issue of plastic. Dr.Wetchsawan, also known as Dr.Pow of GREEN ROAD began this program ten years ago. He wanted to impress his children by taking them to the beach for the first time, but when they arrived what they found instead of beauty was trash that was seen to be streaming over the sea.

After he returned from the sea, Dr.Pow knew that he needed to find a solution to cope with the pollution and help save the environment.

Dr.Pow assumed that, because plastics are petrochemical products, like asphalt, they might be used in road building. He put this idea to the test by melting LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene) plastic bags, such as cold food bags and plastic carrier bags, and mixing them with asphalt. When used to build roads, the substance enhances road stability by 300% when compared to standard materials. It lowers the annual cost of road maintenance while simultaneously recycling a large amount of plastic garbage.

Dr.Pow expands his recycling technique from GREEN ROAD to other products. For example, cat-shaped bricks and dinosaur-bone benches made from pet food packages, a desk and chair made from bottle caps, and other items made from various types of plastic. This is how Dr.Pow resurrects all the lonely one-time-use plastic trashes.

The difficult part of recycling these plastics is that they require different processing methods. The one and only way to make things easier is to sort plastics appropriately.

For people who want to limit their use of plastics, sorting your waste and sending it to relevant organizations that can process them will be a more effective way to substitute your daily usage of plastics.

GREEN ROAD is funded and supported by many private and public organizations, to deal with plastics correctly. They are in charge of many roads across Thailand. Also, they’ve recycled products and supplies to donate to places like temples, schools, public parks, hospitals, etc.

Everyone can support this project, GREEN ROAD, Garbage makes merit, by sending them your well-sorted plastic waste. So that they can efficiently process and make multiple different products from that garbage, giving them a new life and purpose.

Send your plastic trash to

148/3 Moo 19, Makhuea Chae Subdistrict, Muang District,
Lamphun, Thailand 51000 Tel. 0886843104

For more information, follow the GREEN ROAD project on Facebook Fan Page: GREEN ROAD

Special thanks to GREEN ROAD for all the beautiful pictures!

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