The 4 Most Abandoned Purebred Dogs in Thailand

If a pet lover wants a dog friend, adoption is a great option! ✨ Many people decide to buy a new dog from a commercial breeder because they prefer a purebred dog. Despite this, there are far too many purebred dogs in shelters waiting for a home. These are the top four breeds that have been abandoned in Thailand. 😥

Although these dog breeds are quite popular, pet parents might discover that they are too much to handle. Instead of finding them a new home or appropriately sending them to pet shelters, they abandon them. The four most abandoned purebred dogs in Thailand are the American Pit Bull Terrier, Beagle, Golden Retriever, and Siberian Husky.

American Pit Bull Terrier

Over the years, the Pitbull has gotten a bad reputation. Originally raised to be fighters, some believe aggression is in their blood. There’s a long history behind Pitbulls and the reputation they get. There are cases where they attack people, which leaves the owner two upsetting options. These are either putting them down or abandoning them. In reality, pitbulls are gentle, kind, and affectionate dogs. We have to remember that dogs aren’t born bad. They also love their hooman as much as other dog breeds.


With boundless energy, the Beagle is always lively and cheerful. Their cute appearance easily melts our hearts, but their restlessness is a lot to handle. They might have too much energy. Beagle parents would be familiar with coming back to a messy home. Not only that, they also have many health problems that will arise as they grow older: bone and joint problems, skin diseases, and so on. When the cost of medical care is expensive, many Beagles are getting dismissed.

Golden Retriever

Despite having a warm and playful character, they are prone to many diseases and get sick easily. Hip dysplasia, skin diseases, cancer, and other diseases are among them. These conditions require a lot of treatments, resulting in high medical expenses. Because of this, parents might give up on their Golden Retrievers and abandon them.

Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky is a well-known dog breed for its majestic appearance and mischievous nature. They’re the star of the show! Because they are more accustomed to cold weather, Thailand’s tropical weather can cause skin diseases to Huskies. Having a Husky in a tropical climate like Thailand can be tricky. Some parents abandon them because they can not afford the medical cost of skin treatment. Huskies also have high energy that could wreck your house; their energetic and free spirit can cause them to run away from home.

We have taken a look into the reasons why these purebreds become abandoned. It is clear that research and preparation before becoming a pet parent is very important. Not being ready and preparing for a dog incorrectly is the main reason why people abandon these dogs. We understand that dogs are super adorable, but this also means they are a massive commitment. Aspiring pet parents have to be aware of the responsibilities that come along with taking in a furry friend. 

Improper care can stir up stressful emotions in our furry friends. Lack of exercise, or poor nutrition can cause unwanted behaviors like aggression or stubbornness. If we combine these with the inability to provide factors such as space, money, and time—having a pet will only decrease the quality of both lives. The most important thing is to find a new home that is ready and willing to take care of a new member, or take them to pet shelters, so they will get the help they need. Taking them to shelters would be better than leaving them outside.

If you’re in love and want a purebred dog, consider your readiness before searching for one. You might think that only mixed-breed dogs are looking for new homes, but there are more purebred dogs out there! Aspiring pet parents, check your social media or shelters near you, you can help save lives. They’re looking for a forever home. 🐾

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