Introducing pets to their new home

Welcoming a new family member is always exciting. However, it could be difficult for your pets to adjust to a new environment. A new and strange place to stay can stir up emotions like loneliness or anxiety. The most impawtant thing is to help them adjust and feel better by being prepared!

Pet-proofing your home

Pet-proof your home by organizing things. Keep out all hazardous items like cleaning products, sharp objects, and small things that could go inside your pets’ mouths or noses. Fragile decorations, such as vases, lamps, and fish aquariums, might be easy to break if they are too lightweight or placed in a high position that risks being hit. Try to tighten the gap between furniture, so your pet can’t hide. Organize the messy wires and cables. If you have an empty room left, give them some time to adjust themselves before exploring other areas.

Buying new items

Buying pet supplies is highly important. You could be pretty prepared for almost everything: food, bowls, poop bags, cat litter, collar, leash, or the cutest accessories. But after a new pet comes home, you’re going to find that you need more! For example, grooming equipment, nail clippers, cat scratching pad, and super-durable toys. See? There are tooooo many things!

Slowly introducing family members

Having a new family member is exciting. Most families might gather around the new cat from the street or swarm around the little doggie from a pet shelter. This can be very intimidating and scary! Giving them some time to adjust to a new place for a day, before introducing each member in the house would help more with the anxiety.

Adjusting to new surroundings

After your pet gets to know all of the family members, help them familiarize themselves with other things in the house. This way, they will understand the space and learn where they can go in or not. Set rules for outside time, for both dogs and cats who love adventures. Train them where to drop their waste. Socialize with other pets, so they won’t panic when meeting new people, pets, or places!

Newly Pawrent Tips

Keep everything in a routine. Have a clear timeline. It will be faster and easier for pets to adjust to our behavior. By doing this, they won’t be anxious about what is going to happen each day. They might even learn how to wake you up every morning!

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