6 Recommend Pet Shelters in Thailand

Did you know? In 2017, Thailand had over 820,000 stray dogs and cats. It is also estimated that the number will increase to 1,920,000 in 2027. This number excludes major events like the pandemic, which is a huge motivational factor that drives more people to have pets. Millions are getting abandoned, and it’s hard to comprehend the number of animals who will be born into the streetside, never knowing what a home is. The worst part is, the number will only continue to increase. 

How great would it be if we can save them by adopting from shelters? To help non-profit pet shelters, so they can have more space to rescue other animals that are in need of help.

Are you looking for a new companion? Don’t go browsing breeders just yet, and consider adopting from these 6 recommended pet shelters in Thailand! They’ve got real cute fur babies who need a forever home.

🐶 The Adoptable Puppy Cafe

Pet lovers can enjoy warm and yummy baked goods, while hanging out with their potential best friends! This great concept lets you spend time with the doggos who are looking for their new pawrent, and see how you two get along. They regularly update their social channels, so you can contact them before your visit. Happy doggos are all over their feed! Feel free to contact them directly, and don’t worry! Both English and Thai communication is available. 

Facebook The Adoptable Puppy Cafe

🐶 Smiledog Home Foundation

A dog shelter that is taking care of over 500 good bois. Located in Hat Yai, Songkhla province, they focus on rescuing pet dogs that have been abandoned. Currently, they’re under the process of building a new shelter, all while taking care of all their rescue pups. You can donate money or other supplies you currently have on hand to their foundation, any help is greatly appreciated. 

Facebook มูลนิธิบ้านหมายิ้ม: Smiledog Home Foundation

🐱 PAWS Bangkok

A cat shelter with a very cute motto of “Empowering lives, one paw at a time”. Besides the lovely slogan, all the cats that they are taking care of are also super adorable! You can meet all kitties at PAWS Bangkok Cafe at 101 True Digital Park. Even if you’re not ready to adopt, PAWS Bangkok has activities like Cat Yoga so you can enjoy some bonding time with the purritos! Aspiring pawrents can feel free to take their time and have fun with the kitties at PAWS Bangkok Cafe. 

Facebook PAWS Bangkok

🐱 JohnJud: CUVET for Animal Welfare Club

The Animal Welfare Club of the Faculty of Veterinary, Chulalongkorn University (CUVET) is run by veterinarian students who take care of dogs and cats around the Chula University grounds. They also volunteer to sterilize stray animals in the surrounding local communities.
Home to many cats that were raised in small cages. These cats were born into care, but still live in cages. Since there are not enough hoomans to look after them all the time, they’re looking for someone to come and take them to their forever home. There are even senior cats who have never experienced the outside world before. If you are interested, you can contact them through their Facebook page and schedule an appointment to visit feline friends.

Facebook JohnJud

🐱 The Voice

A foundation that helps strayed, injured, and abandoned pets. They provide medical treatment and try to find these animals a new home. Using their voice to speak for the animals who can’t talk, pushing social policy and encouraging everyone to have pets when they are ready, with their campaign #NotReadyNoPets. The Voice foundation has so many pets under their wing, you can help by donating money or adopting those who are healthy enough to leave the foundation! 

Facebook The Voice เสียงจากเรา

🐶🐱 Soi Dog Foundation

A big foundation for pets that was founded in Phuket, Thailand, before expanding their reach to help increase the quality of pet’s life all across Asia. Established in 2003, they have sterilized more than 700,000 pets, and they’re still counting! Many of the rescued friends are living in shelters in Bangkok. And the good news is: you can adopt them!

Facebook Soi Dog Foundation

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