Meet MyFriends! Wildpaws NFT – ‘Pat’ Chalida Piyajittra

Raise your hand if you’re a cat person! ✋ As each day goes by, more and more people fall in love with the cuteness a cat brings to the table. But we have to admit that taking care of a cat is not easy for everyone. Renowned as one of the most hassle-free pets, there are so many limitations out there stopping some of us from taking one in. Whether it’s health, time, financial, or logistical constraints, such as allergies, a demanding job, or even condo rules. 

Wildpaws NFT is a great project that tackles this. From the up-and-coming startup Wildcats, and made for all cat lovers, all over the globe. You can adopt an NFT kitty in the virtual world! And guess what? All of the profit goes to cat shelters. 😺 Interested to hear more? You’re in luck! Today, we talked to the graphic designer – Chalida ‘Pat’ Piyajittra who designed many of the Wildpaws NFT kitties! 

Please introduce yourself and Wildpaws NFT

Hi! My name is Pat, Chalida Piyajittra. I am the Wildpaws NFT Designer!

What is Wildpaws NFT?

Wildpaws NFT is Wildcat’s project that helps cat shelters around South East Asia. Overall, our collection has 5,555 NFTs.

What’s the origin of Wildpaws NFT?

It started with our company’s name, Wildcats, and we love cats. We saw that NFTs could potentially get utilized in this project, so we decided to use them to assist these cats from shelters.
At first, it was just a small project in the company until people started to get more excited about it. Now it’s the biggest project in our company.

Who are Wildpaws NFT partners?

Now we have partners from 4 countries: Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia.
We have Zumvet and Pawtner from Singapore. Catbeach from Malaysia. The Odd Cat Bali, and Whiskers Syndicate from Indonesia. CateForCat, Caster Club, and The Voice Foundation from Thailand.

Special stories from Wildpaws NFT

If you would like to adopt a Digital Twin Cat from a real stray cat at the shelter, you will get a real-time update on the cat from the shelter through social media.
This NFT is suitable for people who want to have, and help cats but are neither in a condition to support nor pet them. Some might have cat allergies or space limitations; they can adopt NFT instead, just like they have their own pet.

What’s the Meow-taverse?

Another part is Meow-taverse which has 5,555 NFTs, every single one is unique. They are very colorful. Their colors are different and have more of a fancy appearance.

This is Pi-cat-sso! He’s the mascot of our project.

What if I’ve never bought an NFT?

Our NFTs are very suitable for NFTs newbies because they are not complicated. Our NFTs are collectibles, not an investment but a charity.

What are the benefits of sponsoring a kitty?

Benefits from purchasing our NFTs will come from our partners. Such as veterinarian services or cat food products.

Am I adopting an NFT cat and a real one?

It depends on the shelter. Some allow you to adopt, some don’t. There are also restrictions in some countries. For example, if we accept a kitten from Indonesia, legalities will come in too.
We made Digital Twin for those who want to adopt but can’t.

Anything else for the audience?

Please support us by liking, following, and sharing our Wildpaws NFT accounts. We will continue to have activities and events. We will keep updating you with sneak peeks. You can stay in touch by joining our Discord, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook page. We highly appreciate your support!

Parenting a pet is not easy for many. It might have limited conditions like health, time, or finance. Wildpaws NFT is here to solve this puzzle in pet lovers’ hearts and provide the new experience to all soon-to-be pet parents in visual worlds.

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