5 Signs that it’s time to let your pet go

Thinking about the last day with your beloved pet is always a painful thought for pet parents. This is especially true when you’re the one to decide when they have to cross over the rainbow bridge. It’s very important to look for signs and try our best to ease their pain, and be their friend throughout their journey.

Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day is a day we come together and remember our companions we’ve lost. Sharing stories, and memories of our beloved pets that have passed on.

When our pets get older, their health also deteriorates. It can be much more difficult for them to live a quality life. One option that can help ease their pain would be animal euthanasia.

The word euthanasia means “good death” in its Greek origin. According to the Michigan University College of Law, Animal Euthanasia is a method of allowing an animal to pass on in the most humane manner. Euthanasia methods offer a way for them to cross the rainbow bridge with minimal pain and distress. 

Animal euthanasia is an option for owners and veterinarians : when a pet is suffering greatly, or when there is a slim chance of recovery. It’s an extremely difficult process to go through, but sometimes this is the most compassionate thing to do for our friends. 

If you have decided that this is the best way, we want to emphasize on the importance of staying with your friend. The process will not be easy and it will be painful, but we have to remember, it’s a lot scarier for them. A familiar face will help them feel less frightened. The best thing you can do is stay with them through the procedure.

5 Signs that it’s time to let your pet go

Your pet is always in pain

If your pet has been in severe pain, going through medications, and seeking therapy to no avail, it might be time to let them go. Restricted breathing, cries, and loss of appetite are some of the heart-wrenching symptoms that they are in pain.

They are unable to move in the same way

Their curiosity to explore, move around, and interact with you seems like history. Animals need to move around. Working limbs are vital organs for them. Depression and stress are things that come with losing mobility for an extended amount of time. Without mobility, an animal’s quality of life decreases drastically. 

They’re not interested in their favorite activities

If their health declines, there’s a high chance they won’t show interest in their favorite activities anymore. They aren’t chasing after their favorite toy or playing with their siblings. Lack of interest in surroundings and activity could be a sign they are near the end of their journey. 

Your pet refuses to drink or eat for an extended period

If your pet is constantly refusing to eat or drink, it is a sign of serious illness or potentially a sign of deteriorating organs. As you can imagine, feeling hunger or thirst for an extended amount of time is not a pleasant feeling. This can cause further suffering for our pets, even if there are methods like the feeding tube. 

Your pet needs assistance or can’t control their bodily functions

When your pet has lost control of their bowels and bladder towards the end of their lives. In some cases, parents must be committed to help their pets relieve themselves, and stay clean. This affects their own hygiene and the parents too. 

Letting go of your pets is not easy. As a pet parent, the decision to put them to sleep is extremely challenging. The most important thing is for us to remember that this might be the best solution for them. Easing their pain and suffering at the end of their lives, and letting them pass peacefully.

Reasons for putting your pet down can range from health issues, severe behavioral or untreatable aggression. Some conditions or illnesses require expensive treatments. If you need any help because your pet has a chronic illness, visit a professional veterinarian at your nearest clinic or hospital for a consultation visit. If this really is the end, animal euthanasia is a way to help alleviate their pain and suffering.

When the time comes, it will be hard to face the truth, and harder to witness a friend leaving… But in the last breath, we hope that every pet parent will be present to help support your friend until they cross the rainbow bridge. Crossing that bridge alone, surrounded by strangers in a cold and bright clinic room is terrifying. After all, they were a part of your life, but you have to remember that you were their whole lives. 

We encourage you to be present with your friend through the last moment.

At last, no one can truly tell you when is the right time to let them go. As pet parents, you should explore options and alternatives when you are looking for methods for your friend. It is essential to visit a professional veterinarian to determine your pet’s illness, all the possible solutions, and alternatives. 🤍

This article is reviewed by the veterinarian from Small Animal Teaching Hospital, Faculty of Veterinary Science, Chulalongkorn University (CUVET)

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