Memory Box: Life’s passed, memories live on

When the last day comes, there might be a few things lying around the house that remind you of all the good times. These items from precious moments are something you should savor. 

Let’s gather those memories into a box, so you can appreciate the good times, and walk along memory lane on the days your friend is missed. 🤍

What to keep in a memory box

Collar, Leash, and Name Tag Are one of the things that have been beside your pets for their whole lives. There will be a lot of moments you can be reminded of, by keeping their collar in the memorial box. 

Paw Print Pet cats and dogs have unique paw prints, just like humans. You can stamp your pet’s paw on clay. Put it in the oven or sundry to keep their paw print forever. 

Toys The favorite toys that never failed to make their day, the one they were always stuck with, and was excited to see. Clean them up and put them in the box of memories.

Photographs Print out some photos from your phone or camera to keep them in the memory box. You can gather all files in one flash drive as well, and create a keychain at a custom shop.

Letter Write a letter to express your love, warm thoughts of missing them, and the good times you spent together. Put the letter in the box as a way to send loving thoughts to your pet.

Ashes If you did cremation for your pet but didn’t scatter ashes and don’t know exactly where to put it, you can put it in a closed container and keep it in the memory box. There are also jewelers who create custom jewelry, made from your beloved pet’s ashes, so you can keep them near your heart.  

Memories and love that you have shared with your pet is one of the best truths in your life. It will stay there always, but you need to look after your heart and soul too.

“When someone you love becomes a memory,
the memory becomes a treasure”
– Anonymous –

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