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Life in the city is constantly moving, and it can be overwhelming. It doesn’t matter who you’re talking to, everyone experiences stress and pressure, whether that would be from family, work, or even yourself. Don’t you just wish that there was a place where all your worries and stress can melt away? Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a cafe where you can wind down and just cuddle with adorable doggos? 

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If that is your wish, you’re in luck! Dog In Town – Dog Lover’s Cafe is a place where dog lovers can come cuddle all the dogs that are full of cuteness. These train-station-named puppers are always ready to welcome you. Today, the MyFriend team is giving you a look into Dog In Town Cafe, at Ari soi 3 branch. 

Dog In Town is a dog cafe that allows everyone and anyone to come in and play with the doggos with no time limit. There’s only the initial entrance fee of 350 baht, and you can exchange this for 1 free drink, while playing with the puppers all day! If you’re hungry and want more food or drinks, they’re also available to order, just be careful of the little food snatchers near you. 🐶 

As for the train of dogs, they are all the popular breeds that we’re familiar with and love. Named after all the stations of the train, these guys are always ready to welcome you. Sala Deang is a standard poodle who is a cheerful and cuddly giant. Thong Lor and Ekkamai are the Alaskan Malamute that might have fierce looks, but are really gentle giants. Samoraphum and Mo Chit are fluffy Samoyeds that love to bask in front of the cold air-conditioned door.

That’s not all! There’s also Phra Kanong who is a stylish Siberian Husky with both bold beauty, and a bold smile. Onnut and Udom Suk who are Pembroke Welsh Corgis, that will be the sweetest siblings you’ll meet. And last but not least a French Bulldog named Bang Sue who is usually the star of the show! 

Good bois mentioned in the article are stationed at Ari only! If you decide to visit the Ekkamai branch, there will be another set of doggos (who are also adorably named after train stations) waiting for you.

At Dog In Town, there will always be staff that will take care of you and the doggos, keeping everyone at peace and entertained. Their secret weapon? Treats that are made with the cafe’s own secret recipe! As customers, we can buy these treats for the little station-named doggos. We guarantee that these treats will not fail to get the dogs attention. One downside is that the cafe only sells 30 packets a day, so the fluff clouds don’t eat too many treats daily.

Every hour, there’s an assembly for all the doggos to gather for a picture with the customers! With their own signature photo pose and look. 😎 After that, the little show stars get their own bathroom and exercise breaks. While they’re on their break, it’s still perfectly fine for us to play with them too. After the break is done, the four-legged stars are then powdered up, and ready for showtime! 

We definitely think this is a unique dog cafe experience. Recommended for all dog lovers who might not be able to have a dog, you can hangout and chill with these station doggos like they’re your own! Visiting this cafe is a wonderful way to wind down from all the stress that city life brings. Let the fluff and their fur be the fix to your worries.

For those who have a dog they want to take to socialize with others at Dog In Town, there are so many good bois at the cafe, meaning that the staff might not be able to take care of all the doggos. That’s why you can’t bring your own trusted companion. But if you just want to come and hangout, adults and children are always welcomed by the team of floofballs and staff at Dog In Town, at both the Ari and Ekkamai branch! 

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This week on Meet MyFriends!, we got an exclusive interview with Chananporn ‘Por’ Prateeprasen, the owner of Dog In Town Cafe for everyone to see! Stay tuned and keep your eye on the Magazine feature on the MyFriend app.

Dog In Town – Dog Lover’s Cafe

Entrance Fee 350 Baht (1 free drink, no time limits)

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