Improve your pet’s life with wearable technology!

In a world where technology is always advancing, little gadgets have become a staple in our lives. Wearable devices or wearable technology is an electronic device that is able to connect to the internet! The main function is the convenience it brings us when it comes to communication. It’s also a place where we track and store our health data, whether it would be our heart rate, steps of the day, or calories burned. The user can wear this all the time – to the point where they feel naked without one!

Even though these wearable devices are not medical equipment, they’re extremely useful as a tracking tool for our health. We can use this data to check in and take better care of ourselves. Which is why these have started to evolve into wearable tech for pets! That way, we can monitor their health, and give them a healthy life.

Dirk van der Liden, is a Senior Lecturer at Northumbria University who studies wearable technology for pets. He believes that this can help us give better care for our furry companions. It could be tracking their daily activities, the distance they’ve walked, and more! In an interview with GlobalPETS, he stated that “There is a potential for objective sensor data, with appropriate validated algorithms and interpretation, which can be translated into clear instructions about what our pets need.”

The data that all pawrents can get from these wearable devices for pets can help us be more careful about exercise for our best friends. Avoiding the expensive cost of pet obesity, and the toll it can have on our pets. Another added benefit is that, if our pets ever go missing, we can track these devices and locate them! Veterinarians will definitely love the insight these tools can give them. Since it gives accurate data, convenience, and a real glimpse into the little one’s health.. Televet or Veterinary Telemedicine, which is when we consult with a vet through an online platform, will definitely reap the benefits of wearable technology.

The COVID-19 pandemic has reminded us of the importance of our health, and our pets’ wellbeing. As a result, these nifty gadgets have skyrocketed in popularity! In South Korea, there were over 19% of pets who had wearable gadgets – compared to the whole pet population! There’s a high chance that the popularity will only continue to rise, with all pet lovers around the globe.

These devices cannot replace professional medical equipment, and their safety is still something we shouldn’t forget about. Data is valuable and the question of internet safety it’s still up for debate. Nevertheless, wearable technology can serve as a useful tool for tracking your pets daily activities and overall health. It’s a great start to becoming a responsible pawrent! You can also track your fluffy friends’ health data via a designed application to look after your pets! 👀

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