Remember Me Thursday

Giving animals a forever home is the ultimate act of kindness. It goes beyond providing basic necessities such as food, shelter, and water. But it also includes patience, dedication, and care to plan for their safety, emotional, and physical needs, questions of commitment, and potential lifestyle changes that will emerge. This all goes back to the fact that taking care of a pet is a big responsibility.

Held on every fourth Thursday in September, Remember Me Thursday is an International awareness day that aims to recognize those pets that are still waiting for a forever home. The goal of this day is to honor the fur babies that haven’t made it out yet.

There are many ways you can celebrate this day. Here are some ideas for inspiration if you’re feeling stuck.

Volunteering or donating your time to shelters is a great way to recognize and honor our furry friends who still haven’t found their forever homes. Volunteers have many roles, from feed time to playtime, show your love to our friends who need a little tender love and care.

Adopting is definitely the perfect way to celebrate Remember Me Thursday. But be mindful that this is a big responsibility and commitment before you go into a shelter to adopt a new friend! Make sure to do your research and that you have everything prepared; this includes your mentality!

Social Media Posting to spread the word about Remember Me Thursday. This is actually how the movement began to gain traction! The Helen Woodward Animal Center began the movement in 2012, which was a decade ago, and now Remember Me Thursday is a global event! Talk about the power of social media right?

Donating your leftover pet food, clothes, and toys for cats and dogs, are all ways you can spread kindness and compassion to shelter animals. These organizations need a constant supply of certain items. Check-in with your nearest shelter and see what they need!

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