Meet MyFriends!: JohnJud – CUVET for Animal Welfare Club

Humanity’s mission to help street animals has been a long ongoing process. Because of the existing overpopulation problem, our efforts of going out and catching these animals to neuter, vaccinate, or medicate them might seem like a stretch or just too much effort. But JohnJud: Chulalongkorn Veterinary Students Association for Animal Welfare, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Chulalongkorn University doesn’t see it that way.

Because animal welfare is an important subject, and approaching these issues as an individual can be daunting. But not for Dr. Chutamas Benjanirut, the advisor for JohnJud, and the club representatives: Peerawit ‘Hong’ Thaithaveepaisarn, and Chutima ‘Baitoey’ Yuenyong will be telling us about the works of JohnJud, and their reasoning behind improving the lives of all animals inside the gates of Chula!

Please introduce yourself

Dr. Chutamas: I’m Dr. Chutamas Benjanirut, DVM – and I’m teaching physiology at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Chulalongkorn University. Right now, I’m also the advisor for the JohnJud Club – Association for Animal Welfare. 

Hong: Peerawit Thaithaveepaisarn, and my nickname is Hong! I’m the representative of JohnJudd – CUVET club. Currently in my 2nd year at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Chulalongkorn University.

Baitoey: My name is Chutima Yuenyong, and my nickname is Baitoey. I’m also the representative of JohnJudd – CUVET club, also going to be in my 2nd year at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Chulalongkorn University.

The origin of JohnJud

Dr. Chutamas: We started around 6 years ago. A student came up to talk about wanting to help the cats and dogs in the university areas. Because we already had a lot of projects, but mostly focused on problems outside of the university grounds. That’s why they thought “hey, let’s start working with the problems near us!” So that’s how we started this club. We received a great response! So I thought, “if it’s just a project, it won’t be continuous” so I gave the recommendation to turn this into a club so that the work can be passed on to new students. 

The roles of students in the club

Dr. Chutamas: One of the main roles is to improve the animals’ well-being. Examples would be: vaccination! Usually when the department of health comes in, they can only help with rabies. We help by providing other vaccinations for both dogs and cats. To help them with any dangerous transmissible diseases. We try to talk to caretakers – In theory, they have to get neutered. With the help of the Small Animal Teaching Hospital CUVET and the Soi Dog Foundation, we made that possible. The student’s role is to sometimes catch the animals – some are friendly enough so we can just carry them in, some can be aggressive so we’ll have to lure them in, to get them neutered. After that, we document the case.

How many cats and dogs are waiting for a home?

Baitoey: There are 8 cats we are currently caring for and waiting for a home.

Dr. Chutamas: Now there are 6 cats and 3 dogs that have been abandoned at the hospital.

The importance of this club

Hong: I believe it’s about improving the animals’ life and welfare. Because after we adopt, we can help them have a better life, a loving family, and they won’t need to live a risky life outside anymore.

Dr. Chutamas: Well, street cats and dogs live a dangerous life. It’s so risky, whether from accidents, diseases, people, or even themselves! They get into fights with each other all the time, which decreases their lifespan. If we can help by adopting them, they can have a home for the rest of their lives.

Baitoey: Every animal deserves love. When we give them affection, we can see that they are returning that, it might be from cuddling with us, or playing around. They will get a home that is ready to give them warmth and love.

How can I help?

Baitoey: Contact us through our Facebook page at JohnJud and through Instagram @johnjud_cu and another page of ours that specifically talks about caring for dogs at @johnjud_care 

Dr. Chutamas: For those who want to help, donations in materials or money are accepted, depending on what’s most convenient for you! If there are foods for specific diseases you have left over, you can also donate them.

What if I’m interested in adopting a pet? How can I contact JohnJud?

Hong: You can contact us through the social media channels that we’ve mentioned. We are constantly trying to find new homes!

How should soon-to-be pawrents prepare?

Hong: When you contact us to adopt a pet, we have a form you can fill in, about your readiness in becoming a pawrent. The things you do need to prepare is a basket for your new fur baby, food, and litter. 

Baitoey: Our club has a basic health check – checking for the common cold
Dr. Chutamas: We check for transmissible diseases and provide vaccines for them! If any of them aren’t neutered, you can bring them back for neutering too. 

Anything else for the audience? 

Hong: Please follow our work on our social media channels! We want everyone to be aware of this since there are so many animals left out there who need our help.

Animal overpopulation has been an ongoing issue, and the street animal population is on a constant rise. Controlling the population of animals in the gates of Chula by neutering, vaccinating, and finding new homes for them is a big and honorable task for these students. With a heart full of compassion, their intention of providing a better life for these animals is truly inspiring. 

MyFriend would like to thank Dr. Chutamas Benjanirut the advisor for JohnJud, and the club representatives: Peerawit “Hong” Thaithaveepaisarn, and 
Chutima “Baitoey” Yuenyong who was kind enough to let us interview them! 

If any one of you would like to follow these students’ work, or adopt a furry friend: contact the club through Facebook: JohnJud, Instagram @johnjud_cu, or @johnjud_care!

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