Meet MyFriends! Caturday Cat Cafe – Arisa ‘Aom’ Limpanawongsanon

Pawrents have been sharing their fur babies on online platforms since the beginning! Pet Instagram accounts are continuing to grow as we speak. When we see adorable kitties on social media, we can’t help but have the urge to meet these cuties! If you are itching to meet these floof balls, you can’t miss Caturday Cat Cafe – a place where you can meet all the adorable friends beyond your phone screen!

Today, Meet MyFriends! are meeting with Arisa ‘Aom’ Limpanawongsanon, one of the owners of Caturday Cat Cafe. She co-owns the Caturday Cat Cafe with Pawan Purijitpanya, and Paween ‘Golf’ Purijitpanya (Thai film director), fellow cat lovers who understand us followers who can’t contain our cutegasms!

Please introduce yourself

Hello! I’m Aom, the cat mom of Caturday Cat Cafe!

The origin of starting a cat cafe

Well, it actually started from being a pet parent, at first it was just 4-5 cats. First, Golf bought a cat named ‘Katchup’! There were people who were following Golf for Katchup! We started getting questions like “We really want to meet the cat, what should we do?” So that’s where the idea began. The idea started as a place for people to meet and play with our cats. Then, we were also able to add more cats to the team! So the idea popped up as “Should we start a cafe?”

How long has the cafe been operating? How many members are in the Caturday family?

We’ve started for over 10 years already! If we include the cats we have at home and the cafe, it’s probably about 50 cats. There are both cats that stay at the cafe, and those who come and go, alternating the rest days.

How many cats do you have here? Have they ever fought each other?

Yes! We got naughty ones here too. Usually, when we buy cats, we won’t get them all at once. We slowly accumulate the population, so when we get a new member, we try to train them to get used to the environment. For example, we try to give them treats near each other, so they spend more time near each other. Sort of like an icebreaker for them. Because in new places, cats tend to gravitate to familiar friends or have a hard time adjusting to a new place. First, it depends on the cat’s personality.
When they fight, it’s normal behavior for cats. Snatching each other’s food or sleeping area. It’s normal if they get angry or frustrated, but we don’t have severe cases here unless there’s a new addition to the family.

Which one is the most friendly cat?

There’s many of them that loves people! Give people affection, some of them, when the customer comes, they’ll sit on their laps, or roll around them, and even squeeze themselves next to them! Usually, it’s the exotic ones, cats with squished faces will tend to be more affectionate. There are many breeds here! For example, Scottish Folds, Munchkin, fellas with short legs, Bengals, Exotic Shorthair, American Short Hair, American Curl, British Shorthair, Kinkalow, many breeds, and Persian.
I have to say, the cats here have their own unique characters. Some are born comedians! Only seeing their face can make you laugh, some are really cute.

Anything else for the audience?

For cat lovers, and those who aren’t cat lovers, check out Caturday Cat Cafe! We believe that you will definitely fall in love with the cat’s cuteness here!

As followers of cute pet Instagram accounts, we can tell you that Caturday Cat Cafe is the perfect place for cat lovers! Let these adorable kitties scratch the itch of finally meeting these purrfect cats.

We would like to thank Arisa ‘Aom’ Limpanawongsanon, the co-owner of Caturday Cat Cafe, and the staff who welcomed our team and shared with us an impressive story! If you’re looking for warm cuddles and playtime with cats, come to Caturday Cat Cafe. And they will ‘serve’ you with the most adorable cats!

For more information, check out Facebook: Caturday Cat Cafe or Instagram: @caturdaycatcafe!

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