Let’s throw the most pawtastic Halloween party!

During the spookiest month of the year, who isn’t excited to see all the lights and colors! Pretty (scary) decorations all over the town, for our enjoyment! It’s only the beginning of the month, but who’s already planning their Halloween party?! ✋🥳

It would be a shame if we had a Halloween celebration without our furry friends. But there are so many things we have to look out for during this festive season. Let’s check out how we can host a Pet-Friendly party 🎉

Safety First!

The fun only begins everyone is safe! Before we start setting up a party, we have to be aware of what kind of mishaps can happen during a Halloween party, and how we can prepare for these situations.

  • The dog or cat accidentally ate something off the floor!

    • All menus, dishes, and snacks in the event should be pet-friendly.
    • Asking all participants to keep an eye out for any abnormal symptoms within all pets, such as difficulty breathing, vomiting, diarrhea, or limping. If anyone spots these symptoms, immediately take the furry friend to the nearest veterinarian hospital or clinic.
  • Their costumes are too tight

    • Pets will become stiff and lay still because they’re protesting the costume! If anyone notices this, taking off the costumes would be best.
    • Prepare the vet’s contact number and scout out the nearest vet, in case of any emergencies such as suffocation, overheating, or chest tightness.
  • The dog or cat starts attacking other people or animals who joined

    • Separate them immediately, and find a safe spot for both parties and escort the pet who attacked another friend out of the venue.
    • Give the pet or person that is injured basic first aid, and take them to the hospital ASAP.
  • Pet-proof the area!

    • Make the venue as pet-friendly as possible by taking care of all electrical wires, storing easily broken objects away in a safe place, away from all paws 🐾
    • Close up any small openings where small pets can potentially hide in. If the party is hosted in an outdoor area, make sure there are secure fences, so none of these sneaky ninjas can escape. But it’s still important to keep an eye out!
  • Sudden short-temperedness from pets

    • Aggression in pets doesn’t stem from the pets being vicious, but it actually stems from fear or anxiety in new environments.
    • Maybe try separating hoomans and pets, so everyone won’t feel so overwhelmed.
    • Or a small gathering with only close friends our precious friend is familiar with and trusts.

Although a little Halloween gathering isn’t too special for us, hoomans, in our pet’s perspective… suddenly daddy is a Frankenstein? Mommy is now a witch! The whole house is a haunted mansion?! All of this might be a little frightening for the little ones. If our pets are not used to all the lights and action, we better not force them to join the party. At the end of the day, taking safety and precaution as the top priority is extremely important!

Speaking of which, let’s start preparing for the party! Got any plans of what costumes to wear? Let us know! 👻🎃

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