Safety First: Halloween safety tips

No matter what the holiday is, as long as we have our fur babies, that’s all we need! But during Halloween, there are so many festivities and activities to do together. Whether that would be dressing up in fun costumes or snacking on yummy treats, Halloween can be super fun but also super tricky for pet parents. ⚠️

Today, MyFriend is inviting everyone to celebrate the festivities in the safest way possible! Let’s see what we should look out for during this spooky season 🎃🐶🐱

Hide the candy bowl

A candy-filled holiday like Halloween is super fun for trick-or-treaters! Just remember that many of the go-to spooky treats are toxic to our furry friends. Especially chocolate that has Theobromine, a compound that is toxic to our pets (so there are no exceptions)! Keep an eye out for sugar-free snacks or candies too, many of them will contain Xylitol, which is also very dangerous for our companion. Immediately call the vet if the little one accidentally chowed down on chocolate bars or sugar-free candy 🚑🚨

🎃 Trick or treatttt! Halloween snacks and treats from Thai businesses 🎃

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Watch the decorations!

We all love being in the holiday spirit! A way to fully immerse ourselves is through decorating our homes with our wicked creativity. With the new arrangements and ornaments, many things are not placed in their usual spots. The Jack O’Lanterns might be on the floor, and end up being our pet’s new chew toy! Creepy candles are ready to be crashed into, or even fake spider webs might seem a little too appetizing. Pawrents have to be extra attentive, because unexpected or unpredictable events can cause damage to our things, and most importantly, to our pets. 🔥

Careful costumes

Of course, dressing up and costumes are an essential part of this holiday!! 👻 Whatever the costume may be, we shouldn’t forget to prioritize your pet’s comfortability! Try to avoid costumes or clothes that are too tight or too loose – so they can move freely. Check the chest, neck, and legs to make sure there’s enough room. Outfits that have dangly accessories or all the glitter glam might attract our pets to gnaw and chew on them! Another thing to consider is Thailand’s hot and humid weather, make sure there’s enough breathing room for the little friend. Read their body language to make sure they’re having a good time, and if they seem a little off – they’re protesting! Changing their costume to a classic bandana, fancy collars, or smaller accessories might be the move.

👻 Cute costumes for our Friends this Halloween! 👻

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Keep calm and recognizable 

For those of us who are taking our precious babies out to enjoy Halloween 🏷️ Don’t forget to put on a collar that has all proper identification on them. Whether that would be their name, your name, phone number, or address, all of this can save your precious ones if they do get lost. Our pets in costumes can make it harder to recognize them, so taking them to get their microchip is ultimately the best way! 💉

There might be a lot of things to look out for, but it’s important you don’t furget to have fun! Use this article as a rough guide to protect your floof ball. Halloween only happens once a year, so make sure you’re still having fun and celebrating this spooky season with your furry friends! 👻🎃

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