Meet MyFriends!: Kavita ‘Net’ Supatravanij & Kaiwaan

We often think that a pet’s personality is hugely determined by their breed. Golden Retrievers are playful, Huskies are whiney lovable domestic wolves, and Beagles are notoriously naughty! 

But this study that examined over 2,000 dogs actually found that a puppy’s personality and their breed don’t have anything to do with each other! The researchers didn’t find any behavior that was consistent or related to their breed. Still not convinced?

Today, MyFriend is taking you to meet with a Beagle that proves this! We met with Kavita ‘Net’ Supatravanij, a Tiktok star with quirky international school kid content and her adorable Beagle, Kaiwaan to get a glimpse into what it’s like in their busy lives!

Please introduce yourself and your paw friend!

Hi! My name is Net and this is my lovely little beagle, Kaiwaan, who I also called Eggy sometimes. Because in Thai, Kai means egg.

During the pandemic, I got her in June 2021. So, she has been with me for over a year and she’s almost two now. So, I got her when like, she was six months.

So it’s actually a family friend of mine, sort of gave us Kaiwaan. We meet up with them quite often, maybe once every few weeks or something. Just to get the girls to play and meet each other. They always celebrate their birthday together every year.

How did you start using TikTok?

So, I think like any Millenial, during kind of like, the pandemic days. I was in like, “Well, I go on this app, let’s see what the big deal is?” and honestly I was like, “This is the best platform. It’s so fun. It’s so authentic.” The reason I kind of started posting it was just to have fun. Because I think, my personal life and my work life is always super-serious so I just wanted a space to have fun.

How Kaiwaan has influenced your life and mental well-being?

Well, first, if you followed me on TikTok, I talk about therapy a lot. But I think ‘Pet Therapy’ and having pets for mental health is HUGE. It’s a life-changer. And I’m not exaggerating when I say that she has changed my life. No matter how stressed you are at the end of the day if you come home and you see this face, how can you not be like, feeling better, right?

But she also kind of saved me too because I think, just the way, like, the lifestyle when you have a dog, you kind of forced to be more active for instance. So I’m someone who hates nature, like, I hate nature. She has forced me to be way more active, taking walks, going out and do adventurous things, that if I didn’t have her, I would’ve never, would’ve never think to do. Honestly.

What are your favorite activities together?

Number one is this, eating! Like I said, today is a big treat. But the other thing that we love doing, I, personally, love coming to chill at cafes. CRAFT is an amazing place. There are so many dog-friendly places in Bangkok that aren’t actually dog-friendly and they don’t have that green spaces, but this one is amazing cause it’s so much space for her to walk around and meet friends.

But if you ask her what her favorite place is, it’s Nong Bon Park. Which is like, I think one of the only dog-friendly parks in Bangkok. Every time we go there, we go like every weekend, we meet so many other dogs. She has so much space to run around and gets me active as well.

Is Kaiwaan naughty?

She’s, honestly, the most well-behaved. The most well-behaved. And I know every parent said that about their kid, but I’m shocked that she barely barks and she’s just like, very tamed.

MyFriend would like to thank Kavita ‘Net’ Supatravanij and her adorable Beagle for sacrificing their time to let us talk to them during their busy schedules! If you’re looking for quirky, sassy, and funny relatable content on TikTok, be sure to check TikTok: @net_512 out!

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